Somalia: Parliament Approves the Appointment of Fozia Yusuf


Fozia and her boss keenly follow parliamentary proceedingsBy: Yusuf M Hasan

MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – A woman has for the first time official assumed two powerful posts in the government of Somalia.

Hon Fozia Yusuf Haji Aden has officially assumed the dual posts of Deputy Premier and Foreign minister following Parliaments unanimous approved of the 10 member cabinet appointed by Prime Minister Shirdoon”Saeed”

In a session officiated by the speaker of Parliament Hon Mohamed Osman Jawaari and with the presence of the president H.E Hasan Sheikh Mahmud and Prime minister Mohamed Farah Shirdoon, the first batch of 10 cabinet ministers were approved by 219 legislators while three voted against and another three abstained.

The ten Shirdoon ministerial appointees approved that includes the first woman to hold the post of deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs is made up of:

1. M/s Fozia Yusuf Haji Aden –Deputy Prime minister and minister of foreign affairs.

2. Abdilahi Abyan Nuur- Minister of Justice and religious endowment.

3. Abdihakim Haji Mahmud Fiqi- Minister of Defence

4. Abdikarin Hussein Guleid – Minister of Interior and National Security.

5. Mahmud Hasan Suleiman- Minister of Finance and Planning

6. Abdilahi Ilmooge Hirsi- Minister of Broadcasting and Information

7. Abdirizaq Omar Mohamed – Minister of Natural Resources

8. Muhdin Mohamed Kalmoye – Minister of Public works and Reconstruction

9. Maryan Qasim – Minister of Development and social Welfare

10. Mahmud Ahmed Hasan – Minister of Commerce and Industry.

The approvFemale MPs vote for the new cabineted elicited mixed reactions in Hargeisa and Somaliland at large from where the new deputy première originates from with mostly the young applauding her appointment and subsequent approval as a milestone whose perceived benefits include ease of dialogue with Somalia, Expedited recognition as well as an influx of investors thus enhanced employment opportunities.

Some senior citizens say nothing good will come from Mogadishu with Hon Fozia Yusuf perched at the highest levels of public administration; they also say that action should be taken against her.

With parliament’s approval of the ministers, Hon Fozia Yusuf Haji Aden who is now fully empowered to conduct state business is not only expected but obliged to ensure that her brethren especially the hopeful youth benefit, in a fashion not yet clear since Somalia and Somaliland are two distinct countries.

All in all, what more can be said to her but, “Congratulations and May Allah facilitate your ease of office”