Somalia: Mogadishu Based photojournalist Mokhtar Biggoss Goes Missing


Somalia photojournalist Mokhtar Nur Ahmed Bigboss missing in Mogadishu

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Since the early afternoon of 29th July 2017 the whereabouts of Somali photojournalist Mokhtar Nur Ahmed aka Bigboss remain unknown.
According to sources Bigboss who plys as a Photographer ,Videographer and Blogger in Mogadishu was last seen by colleagues between 2-3pm of the fateful Day he went missing in the Somalia capital.
On the other hand snippets emanating from the USA inform that the missing Photojournalist is actually in Mogadishu police custody who by the time of going to press and on the eve of the fourth day of the Said arrest , are yet to reveal the detention as is the norm in the country said to be amongst world’s worst for journalist.
But despite this se mingle officially sanctioned silence,

Hi my dears partners i would like to informed you Somalia security arrested Mokhtar Nuur Ahmed ” known ” Bigbos ” since Thursday he in jail and Government still not comments A-reason arrest ” but unconfirmed report said Somali information Minster Eng Abdirahman Yarisow he ordered to arrested “Mokhtaar Nuur.

In communication on the issue Jama Feyte who is a Writer , Political analysis and human rights groups Activist Based in Austin Texas informed Somalilandsun that his yet to be confirmed sources indicate that the missing journalist is custody following orders issued by the Somalia minister of Information Eng Abdirahman Yarisow.
While any government including that of Somalia has the authority to arrest and detain lawbreakers including journalists, the rights of said either actual or alleged lawbreakers are also guaranteed by the same constitution that gives the Somalia Federal Government its powers of arrest.
In the recent past Minister Yarisow has been at loggerheads with members of the Somalia fourth estate as a result of his introduction of new media laws that have created much controversy.
Somalia minister of Information Eng Abdirahman Yarisow.  Allegedly behind the disappearance of photojournalist ifboss Prior to any calls for the unconditional release of photojournalist Mokhtar Nur Ahmed aka Bigboss, and in lieu of the precarious security status prevalent in that country, we hereby demand that the police issue an immediate statement that either confirms or negates the Said arrest.
If perchance police confirm the arrest of Bigboss, reasons should also be divulged thence avail those concerned including family members the opportunity to strategize the way forward, be it availability of legal counsel
Finally the carte-blanche authority in which governments and more ministers in the Horn Of Africa region go about attending to their business be it the official known to be overtly corrupt and subsequent muzzling of any media house and journalists with guts enough to reveal this malfeasance and the perps should be brought to an end before citizens take issues in their hands.
In the meantime though funny it is, we hope that missing Photojournalist is indeed a guest of police in Mogadishu rather than missing as has in the past happened to others in the terror infested thence insecure Mogadishu and Somalia at large