Somalia: Internet Connection Reestablished, MV Alice Owners to Pay Damage


Somalia detains MSC Alice wants Owners to Pay Damage caused by disrupted internet connection

Somalilandsun- Having identified Panama flagged Ship MV Alice as culprit behind disruption of internet connection in Somalia, owners are obliged to pay relevant damages in the cost dollar millions.
Subsequent internet outage in Somalia that lasted
This was informed by Somalia’s minister for posts and telecommunications Abdi Anshur during a press briefing in the capital Mogadishu where he also revealed that full service has been restored thence end to 23-day outage that cost the country’s fledgling economy tens of millions of dollars.
The huge monetary loss as well as disruption of public and private entities functions that lasted over a fortnight came after the now identified MSC Alice severed an undersea fiber optic cable connecting Somalia to the global data networks.
With Somalia having lost an Estimated $10m daily during the internet outage period and in pursuit of damage reparations , the government in Mogadishu is said to have detained the Mediterranean Shipping Company-MSC operated Panamanian flagged Vessel.
According to a  report an MSC-operated container ship was detained in Somalia, after she accidentally cut an undersea fibre optic cable in Somali waters, resulting in a severe internet disruption in the region.
In particular, the Panama-flagged MSC Alice is alleged to have dragged its anchor, through the main fibre optic cable, at Mogadishu port, on June 24. As a result, about six million people have not access on the internet.
The Mediterranean Shipping Company informed that it has begun an investigation on the incident in which the Horn Africa country reportedly lost over $200m.