Somalia: Illegal Fishing Drives Somali Piracy Resurgence


Piracy of the Somali coast was once a serious threat to the global shipping industry. Photograph Reuters

Somalilandsun- The alleged return of illegal fishing crafts in Somali waters might result in the resurgence of now diminished piracy.
Despite the huge presence of international naval forces  heavy with sophisticated weaponry and surveillance gadgets that are engaged in anti-piracy activities Monday’s hijacking of an oil tanker off Somalia’s northern coast surprised the international shipping community after several years without a pirate attack on a large commercial vessel there.
According to warnings by local Somali officials that rampant fishing by foreign trawlers was destroying the livelihoods of coastal communities, stoking fears of a return of piracy as a way to make money,Yemeni, Chinese, Indian, Iranian and Djibouti-flagged fishing boats and trawlers have continuously to not only fish but deter Somali fishermen from the waters
Since the international Naval patrols by NATO members and other countries like China had calmed the crucial global trade route that once saw hundreds of attacks, Somalis Consider Piracy Again, Blaming Illegal Fishing Trade