Somalia has no Future, Surmises EU Training Mission Instructor

Commander Marko Haikkola in Mogadishu during his stint as EUTM deputy chief of operations

Somalilandsun: Somalia where clan and personal interests take precedent over national matters faces a bleak future.

This assessment comes from Marko Haikkola a  senior Finnish military officer attached to the European Union Training Mission Somalia.

The sentiments from the  Finn comes  after seven months with the EUTM which he served as deputy chief of operations  from Oct 2021 – Apr 2022  based in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The EUTM is a training operation for the Somali Armed Forces conducted by military officials from European Union states.

This exposure damming the federal Somalia authorities is one to be taken seriously by the entire International community especially the EU, UN and USA considering that Commander Haikkola is very experienced.

A graduate of the national defense University of Finland the retired Officer has a demonstrated infantry history as well Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Military Operations, Leadership and Advising.

Below is the tweet from the Finn