Somalia: Gunmen Hijack and Murder Prisoners


Unless AMISOM turns to prison guarding inmates are not safeBy Maalik

Somalilandsun – prisoners have been hijacked from a prison in Mogadishu .There have been reports that some of the prisoners hijacked were found dead in the city and the others whereabouts are not yet known reports Shabelle media network.

Ayuub Abdirahman a prisoner who was recently released from a prison in Mogadishu gave reports to shabelle media and said those young men who have been found dead in banadir region were his in mates in the prison who have been taken from the prison

Ayub Abdirahman said that the prisoners were in the same room with him and were taken by members of Somali national security during night time. The prisoners were later found dead in the capital.

Ayub Abdirahman added that the men who took the prisoners paid several visits to the prison that week and took prisoners every time they came. He said that they came during the night and took prisoners by force.

The prisoners who were hijacked from the government prisons were found dead at some parts of Mogadishu most notably Gubta area in the Region of Deyniile .

Recently the prime minister named a committee in the ranks of the ministerial positions to investigate these ugly acts. The committee had a meeting and the minister for information released a statement confirming there meeting. He said that findings of the committee will be released in a week’s time