Somalia: Foreign Companies and Front Line Countries Exploiting Status of Failed State


Somaliland sun – Somalia’s two neighboring head of states’ utterance damped international community’s speculations that Kenya and Ethiopia want a peaceful neighbor of Somalia at this critical time.

” We worked your destruction before, but we are the same ones that destroyed you that want to rebuild your country again”, Seyoum Mesfin Gebredinge, Ethiopia’s foreign Minister coaxed members of clan-leaders and delegates represented at the Eldoret/Mbagathi conference in May 2004.
“Former Kenyan President, daniel Toroitich Arap Moi quoted saying, We are very concerned about the revival of Somalia which will reclaim the disputed Somali territories of NFD and Ogaden region under Kenyan and Ethiopian control.” He said this at the American Defense University while his country under Moi’s presidency was sponsoring behalf of international community the Eldoret/mbagathi conference in may 2004.
The two of the above-mentioned countries contribute their own forces in Somalia under the auspices of AMISOM. Under the term of fighting terrorism yet their own selfish interests differ whilst working as brothers in army when it comes to weakening Somalia but other hand both governments of Kenya and Ethiopia confront each other occasionally for the case of the Jubaland state of Somalia.
According to countries studies source site Ethiopia and Kenya concluded a mutual defense pact in 1964 in response to what both countries perceived as a continuing threat from Somalia. This pact was renewed in 1980 and again on August 28, 1987, calling for coordination of the armed forces of both states in the event of an attack by Somalia.

From the Transitional Federal government (TFGs) to the current Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) have failed by protecting the Somali soil and putting Somali people first.

The current government of Dammul Jadiid and the so-called MPS are not answering the needs of Somali people that are dying unnecessarily everywhere and being degrading by neighboring countries as the case of Kenyan Police swoop at Eistleigh and Ethiopian government’s crackdown on Somalis in Addis Ababa.
Unfortunately, the Somali government of Dammul Jadiid has never asked why Norwegian oil companies at the Somali coastal sea of Jubaland are doing there. The government has no answers for Jazeera beach located in the outskirts of Mugodisho and the military training camp of Halane,either.Because it does not aware what are going on. Can’t we say the government opted not to fulfill its responsibilities- not only to safe-guard the well being of its nationals- but the country as well.
How many times do we hear foreign helicopters landed in Somali soil for shooting and hunting or foreign unknown individuals spotted that entered Somalia without visas by violating the law. These individuals intentions left unknown whether they are solely agents or exploring the locals of Somali oil and gas fields as Somalia is now a hotbed for foreign oil-hungry corporation- all we know is they enter and out at will and nobody questions them why they are in there.
In November 14, 2013, Puntland Intelligence Agency arrested briefly two foreign nationals, an English and French nationals both of these men were talking to international governmental and Non-governmental organizations as a series of text messages obtained from their cellphones read , according to Puntland’s former Security Minister, Khalif Isse Mudan.
When will the Somali government and MPs based in Mugodisho focus on serving their own people without working and/or appeasing foreign agents supremacy merely to gain their personal profits?
Foreign exploitation in sea and on land have recent years escalated due to Somalia’s failed state, but the pressing question on the minds of Somali patriots is how long will Somalia which was once powerful country remain no-man’s land.

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