Somalia Education Ministries at National and Federal levels to work together


EU Delegation Somalia press statement Mogadishu, 19/09/2016

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Somalilandsun- Today the Somalia Ministry of Education signed a Cooperation Framework and Memorandum of Understanding with 3 Federal Ministries of Education from Jubaland, Galmudug and Southwest Administration to facilitate smooth management of education and provide a collaboration platform between the National and Federal levels of government. The exercise was supported by the EU and facilitated by ADRA, 

Development partners active in Somalia, including the Global Partnership for Education and the European Union welcome this agreement as an important step forward to ensuring all Somali children get quality education. Close collaboration between the National government and the Federal State is crucial in managing the education system. 

“The EU is committed to increasing participation of children, youth and adults in all levels of public education in Somalia; and with the signing of this cooperation framework, the building blocks for a peaceful and economically viable Somali society have been laid”, said the EU Ambassador to Somalia, Michele Cervone d’Urso. 

The education sector in Somalia has evolved over the last few years, since the inauguration of the Federal Government of Somalia. This period has recorded significant growth in capacity of the Federal Ministry of Education to manage and coordinate education activities in Somalia. With increased capacity and improved access, the number of schools under direct management of the ministry has increased. The Somali Compact has also laid a strong foundation for building a reliable, transparent, accountable and functioning education sector in Somalia. 

“The signing of this cooperation framework and memorandum of understanding will guide interaction on education between the two levels of government ”, said the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Higher Education of the Federal Government Mr. Ahmed Hassen Yussuf. “With this signing, we will work closely with the State Ministries of Education, with the main goal of ensuring a strong education sector that will benefit all age- groups in Somalia.” 

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