Somalia Doesn’t Need More Arms but Needs Leaders with Brains


somali civilians are armed to the teethBy: Yusuf Dirir Ali

Somalilandsun – The UNO Security council will commit an immoral act if it goes ahead with the lifting of the Somalia regime’s internationally forced arms embargo. Somalia’s newly- selected President and his prime Minister are already counting their eggs before they hatched and instead of dealing peacefully with their country’s pressing internal troubles, they instantaneously began beating the drums of war.

Before everything else, and without giving level-headed justifications the Somalia regime is trying to convince the United Nations Security Council to remove its arms embargo.

It does not matter how the Somalia regime phrases its demand, but the truth of the matter is, this regime is indeed planning to wage endless wars and not only against certain tribes within its borders , whom they behind closed doors call “insurgent forces” but also against Somaliland followed by Kenya and then Ethiopia.

Despite their in a row defeats and humiliations first by Ethiopia in 1977 and again a decade later by the SNM (the movement that liberated Somaliland from Somalia), the successive Somalia regimes learned nothing from their past and they are afar from realizing that the Somalo-Ethiopian and Somaliland liberation wars were in reality the major factors that caused the never- ending, wretched turmoil and the fragmentary Somalia humiliations.

I would like to refer the readers to Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s Chatham house talk and specifically to his answer to question # 9 and I would like you to be entertained to read in between the lines and see what he intends to do with the arms, at the same time, after he was caught with his pants under his knees, he deceitfully denies that he has in actual fact asked for the lifting of the arms embargo, Http://

Mr. Hassan Sheikh continuous to mumble through by calling some tribal warlords as heroes and “defenders of the prestige of the clan”, all the way through Mr. Hassan is trying to sugar-coat and call the warlords from his clan and the warlords of its allied clans, like the one the Prime Minister hails from as heroes, while he considers other clans as breeders of real warlords. To spell out the regime’s future plans even better, Mr. Hassan’s Prime Minister has openly threatened the neighboring Somaliland with all out war, until the submission of the later to the demands of Somalia.

As it stands now, Somalia has no respect for international law and borders whatsoever. I will not be staggered to see Somalia regime claiming territories that belong to far-flung countries like Norway or the USA on ethnic bases.

As the Somalia populations rapidly grow in those countries and others around the world, I bet my life; they will go as far as recruiting USA and EU-born Somalians (former Somalia colony decedents) as members of their tribally selected parliamentarians and will consequently claim the EU and USA territories as regions of the Somalia federation – why not? Somalians are arguing the same logic against Somaliland. What a Somalia-style twisted logic!

Suppose the regimes arms embargo is lifted then what will the Somalia warlords do next? Since they do not have the purchasing power of expensive arms, they will possibly ask rogue nations like Iran to arm them to the teeth and the vicious cycle of Somalia wars and beyond will certainly continue forever and in a worst scale than the world has ever witnessed. May be, this time Somalia will become a major conduit for arms going unswervingly to the international terrorists.

There has to be a peaceful solution to the Somalia problems and the citizens of that country must show their commitment to peace in the region, recognition of Somaliland sovereignty and respect for human rights before a shotgun is allowed to go to that troubled country.

Yusuf Dirir Ali