Invention design

The invention of a dredger and method of dredging and is owned by Harwich Haven Authority of Navigation House, Angel Gate, Harwich CO12 3EJ, Essex, United Kingdom, incorporated in England and Wales, and was invented by Jeremy David Warner, a British citizen.

The invention is directed to a method of dredging a waterbed, such as a harbour floor, by suspending a dredging apparatus from a vehicle such that it is above, but not in contact, with the waterbed. Sediment is agitated and then extracted as the dredging apparatus is moved, and the extracted sediment is deposited to a higher water column such that it is transported by natural water movement. The dredging apparatus comprises a chassis which has sediment agitating apparatus comprising a fluid injector and pump mounted on the chassis, an extractor comprising a conduit and pump mounted on the chassis and a vehicle connector. The invention is also directed to the dredging apparatus itself.

The invention is subject to various patent applications worldwide including International patent application PCT/EP2020/080155 which has a filing date of 27 October 2020 and United Kingdom patent application no. GB2017208.8 filed 30 October 2020 with an earliest filing date of 18 November 2019 and published on 24 February 2021 as GB2586550. Both of these applications claim the priority of UK patent applications GB1916776.6 filed on 18 November 2019 and GB2007660.0 Filed on 22 May 2020.

Notice is given to whom it may concern that the applicant alone is entitled to manufacture and sell dredgers and operate the same in accordance with the method disclosed. Unauthorised production of the dredgers and use of the said method will make the unauthorised manufacturer and user liable for a civil action as well as damages. End users are warned to ensure that they buy and operate dredgers in accordance with this method only from the applicant, failing which they may also be liable for civil action.

Invention design