Somalia Capacity Statement 2018


Somalilandsun- Action Against Hunger has responded to humanitarian crises in Somalia for 26 years, meeting urgent humanitarian and development needs of women, girls, boys, and men across the country. Current humanitarian activities cover gender-sensitive Nutrition, WASH, Health, and Food Security and Livelihoods in Banadir, Lower Shabelle, Bakool and Nugaal. This long-serving presence in South-Central Somalia has enabled us to earn continued trust of the local administration and communities. Our detailed understanding of the context and humanitarian situation has proved critical to the successful implementation of our programs.

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1: To improve the quality and coverage of services for the management of acute malnutrition.
Increasing detection and early presentation – We are prioritizing interventions that identify children suffering from acute malnutrition earlier, resulting in those children getting treatment faster. Early detection of acute malnutrition can decrease the mortality and morbidity of children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and reduce program costs. We do this through, 1) 3 New Family MUAC projects in Mogadishu, Elbarde and Xudur and 2) 3824 Health and Nutrition education sessions.  Increasing availability and accessibility of treatment We are reinforcing the capacity of health care providers (incl. Community Health Workers) and local government partners to improve the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and coverage of services for the management of acute malnutrition in order to reach more children who are in need of treatment. 49906 Admissions to CMAM projects and 163, 978 Pregnant and lactating women and newborns who received primary healthcare consultations.

Objective 2: To enhance the delivery of multisectoral nutrition-sensitive interventions for populations at risk.

Increase disaster and seasonal resilience for nutrition: Environmental shocks and high seasonal fluctuation impact undernutrition rates so building resilience for nutrition is crucial. Action Against Hunger supports the capacity of household and communities to minimize the impact of shocks and stresses on the GAM rate or to quickly return to the pre-disaster situation.  We are working through multi-sector and multi-actor approaches. AAH is leading SHINE consortium and is a member of 2 large resilience consortiums (BRCiS and SomRep). We layer and sequence complementary health, nutrition, WASH, and FSL in target locations to enhance nutrition resilience. We proactively seek collaborative partnerships to create referral pathways with other NGOs and UN actors to link communities to basic services and ensure a scalable social safety net is in place in the event of a humanitarian emergency…….

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