Somalia: Big Rally in Baidoa against Federal Government


By: Omar NorBaido demonstrators

BAIDOA (Somalilandsun)—Thousands of furious people took to the main streets in Somalia southern strategic city of Baidoa to show their opposition against the recent agreement signed by government and Kismayo interim administration in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Large demonstrators, including women and children from every corner of the city, with banners and chanting slogans opposing the bilateral agreement marched on Saturday in the main streets in Baidoa, the capital of Baay region.

Reports said High-ranking Somali officials in Baay regional administration, well-known scholars and Digil & Mirifle representatives from federal parliament were also among the participants of the rally.

The organizers of the protest have summoned all their MPs, ministers and army officials to go back to Baidoa city soon for consultations on the agreement which they said was “Illegal agreement reached with worlds.”

“We as Baay and Bakool region officials are very upset with the agreement between Somali government and Warlord Ahmed Madobe in Addis Ababa,” said Malaq Ali, spokesman for elders’ council.

He added that they have cut off ties with the central government and declared war to liberate the regions of ‘Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo’ for the coming period.

Last Wednesday, Somalia’s central government agreed to recognize a former Islamist commander as the interim leader of the southern Juba region, a deal that many analysts believe should help re-ignite

unpleasant clan fighting and could undermine plans for a federal nation.

The writer Omar Nor,is a freelance journalist based in Mogadishu