Somalia Bans its Citizens from Acquiring Somaliland Visas, Confiscates Two


Somalilandsun:- All somalia national are advised that acquiring a Somaliland visa is against the law.To exemplify its harsh decision against its citizens whose passports are stamped with somaliland visas, authorities of the Federal Government of Somalia have withheld two passports that indicated entry into Hargeisa.The two passports were confiscated at the Aden Ade airport in Mogadishu upon arrival by the duo though their flight did not emanate from Somaliland.According to an FGS official the duo whose passports have been withheld should apply to the immigration department in Mogadishu for new ones, since the old ones bearing Somaliland visas are now discarded.
Though somaliland withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia 27 years ago, authorities in Mogadishu still consider it an administrative region under FGS jurisdiction.
But in Somaliland a former British Protectorate where 97% of its population voted for withdrawal from union with the neighbouring former Italian colony, the union is over thence citizens from Somalia wishing to visit must acquire visas , be it from the immigration dept in Hargeisa or any of its offices abroad.
Large numbers of citizens from each of the two countries share many relations be it family, business , or residence not to mention daily cross border movement, thence new rules might be an impediment, especially for Somalis seeking safe havens in Somaliland.

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