Somalia: ATMIS Places Halane Camp Under Security Restrictions


Somalilandsun: The African Transition Mission in Somalia-ATMIS has declared Mogadishu’s Halane boot camp as a no go area from the 25th-28th April 2022.

This was revealed in a statement that read  “in consultation w,th the Office of the Prime Minister, ATM’S will be conducting a security exercise inside the camp from 25 to 28 April 2022. To ensure that the exercise is conducted safely and without interference, the base camp will be under total camp loch down”

This is the second such lockdown of the camp and though it has not been stated the move is mostly related to the ongoing selection of speaker and deputy for the Somalia parliament.

ATMIS Halane camp Somalia lockdown statement

In the earlier lockdown the ATMIS justification was

Quote- The total lockdown is a precautionary routine measure that the mission has used since its inception in 2007 to prevent attempts by terrorists to breach security in the Base Camp in times of heightened imminent security threats, festive periods and or other high-level government/partner activities. Continue reading HERE