Somalia: Amisom & Somali Forces Dismantle Al Shabab In Qoryoley



By: Moody Boodle

Mogadishu: (Somalilandsun) -The Somalia national forces and Amisom have recaptured the Al shabab stronghold town Qoryoley located in Shebelle, southern Somalia.

After a heavy combat war between the Somali forces/Amisom and al shabab militants saw a successful eviction of the terrorist militant personnel forced out of the district though it is predicted that a few of them are still in hiding.

There is no accurate number of the dead or injured casualties but sources from (Somali and international) journalists who were with the Amisom troops in the frontline have reported confirmation of Amisom taking over the town and also have several Amisom and Somali casualties severely injured.

Meanwhile the President of Somalia his Excellency Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in his speech when officially opening the country parliament session said that his government has taken over most of the al shabab strongholds whereas giving way for humanitarian service activities.