Somalia: Al-Shabaab Ambush Leaves 7 Dead in Bay Region


By Omar NorEthiopian troops in Bay region somalia

BAIDOA (Somalilandsun)—At least 7 people have been killed and more than 15 others were wounded in the latest fierce violence between Somali troops and Al shabab fighters in south of the war-torn horn of

Africa country, Somalia, Local residents said on Sunday.

The skirmish broke out at a settlement located just 10 Km south of Qansah-dhere district of Baay region, where Somali and the Ethiopian forces are located currently, according to the eyewitnesses account.

Heavily armed Al shabab fighters ambushed bases largely controlled by the allied forces in the area, reports said.

Somali military commanders said they repelled a militant attack on their base around the city on Saturday night and fended off the attackers from the area after heavy gun battle that killed at least

people, mostly civilians.

The locals have told Somalilandsun by phone from Qansah-dhere district that they could hear a deafening thud of artillery fire and mortars exchanged by the warring sides (Somali army,along with Ethiopians and Al shabab) an area outside the city which is now under the government


The fighting raged on for at least two hours during last night around the area and subsided late last night, said a resident.

So far, no official from Al shabab and Somali military commanders has yet released any comments on the deadly combat. Life has returned to normal on Sunday morning after the battle near Qansah-dhere town in Bay region.

The writer Omar Nor,is a freelance journalist based in Mogadishu