Somali Education Breakthrough Receive Grant to Promote Members Education in Sheffield



Somalilandsun – More help will be given to students of a Somalian heritage who are struggling at school, after a Sheffield education charity secured a £19,000 grant.

Somali Education Breakthrough will use the money to help young Somalis living in Sheffield who are not performing well in school and facing cultural barriers.

The charity already provides support to Somali families by helping them to understand the British school system and by providing study support evenings.

Ismail Yusuf, management committee representative at Somali Education Breakthrough, said: “We have discovered that many young Somalis have an education attainment that is below the national average and there is a great need to close this gap.

“According to recent Sheffield statistics, Somali pupils are excluded from schools almost 2.5 times more than British children. This funding will help us to attract more young people to use our after school services, work more collaboratively with schools and provide advice and guidance on employment opportunities.”

The grant from the Lloyds TSB Foundation For England And Wales will be awarded over two years.

Last year, the foundation awarded more than £300,000 to charities in Sheffield and £18.4 million to 826 small and medium charities across England and Wales.

Pat Greenwood, grant manager for Yorkshire and the Humber at the foundation, said: “We provide grants to local, regional and national charities that make a significant difference to the lives of disadvantaged people. Seventy per cent of our funding goes towards core costs allowing charities to focus on those who need their help most.”

Sourec: ITV

Somali Education Breakthrough

Somali Education Breakthrough is a community initiative aiming to provide education support to Somali children and parents is a registered charity in the UK . The service gives advice on career guidance, education matters and runs study support classes with qualified teachers. Also advises schools on best practice in areas of behaviour, attendance, exclusion and cultural awareness.

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