So why can’t they go back to Somalia now?


Dadaab camp in Kenya home to half a million mainly Somali refugees.Posted by acorcoran

My Somalia alerts these days are filled with stories about how Somalia has a new government after two decades of violence and chaos. The stories are all filled with encouraging accounts of how Mogadishu is now recovering

So tell me why the UN and the new Somali government can’t begin to gather up the young people living in Kenyan camps and return them to Mogadishu to help clean up the rubble and rebuild the city? You know, sort of like the CCC during the Roosevelt years. Instead of the West pouring money into the increasingly lawless refugee camps in Kenya, or bringing tens of thousands more to try to find work in American cities, build temporary work camps in Somalia and put them to WORK!

Here is an e-mail I received last evening (we get these all the time) from a candidate for just such a job!

my name is Ahmed…. am 23 Somali refugee who lives in Kenya refugee camp last 5 years i fled my country 5 years ago as they did many Somali people although i was young at time (18years old)but i remember the reason i fled was when Ethiopian troops entered Somali to fight Islamic militia of Somalia who against the transition government of Somalia as u are aware of there was lack of stability of Somalia last 2 decades am a person who lost everything my all family members and my country am not get yet whether they are live or die i tried to back my country many times to reach my family but my friend advised me not back there otherwise they told me that Islamic militia are killed me or they forced me to take a gun to kill innocent people as they always did my special live i did not get any opportunity of study i survived my life sometimes am not working because the camp have no job if i try to go ather cities Kenyan police asking me whether am Kenyan or not whenever they recognizing me am not citizen they arresting me am tired in this world i look someone in a hopeless so plz and plz i kindly requesting u to help me how i get a reslement and better live than the one i lived now