Silanyo Most Travelled Abroad on Personal Business President of Somaliland


Similarly, his ministers have also recorded the most mileage on both official and personal foreign trips
President Silanyo spends time with his grandchildren in London during the 2014 fortnight personal visit to the U

Somalilandsun- President Ahmed Silanyo is currently on a personal trip to the United Kingdom in what analysists believed to be his last visit abroad as president of Somaliland.
The visit is considered not official as the Head of State went in his personal capacity, of which such travels were alien to all his predecessors namely late Tuur, Late Egal and Dahir Rayale- immediate past.
Since the start of his presidency the Head of State is said to have undertaken five such trips overseas in which four of them were to the United Kingdom, while Turkey was his fifth visit for Silanyo to pay personal visit as president, and ironically coinciding with the failed military coup against president Tayyip Erdogan
While the personal visits have occurred over the now seven years of his tenure, 2016 records the highest number, of President Silanyo being to the U.K. twice and once to Turkey.
Below details of the personal foreign visits by Silanyo
1. In October 2011, President Silanyo went on a personal trip to England
2. In July 2014 the president spent two weeks in the United Kingdom on a personal visit
3. In October the same year he again returned to the UK and
4. Currently in London for a similar visit whose duration is yet to be revealed

Flashing back to the first administration of Somaliland post 1991, the brief tenure of president Abdirahman Tuur ended with him never undertaking any visit be it on official or personal business abroad.
The post Tuur administration of late President Mohamed Ibrahim Egal that recorded a few foreign trips never ensued with a personal one whatsoever.
Taking over from late Egal is immediate occupier of the Somaliland presidency Dahir Rayale Kahin whose eight years’ tenure saw him undertake numerous official trips abroad with only one to German as his single on personal business.
Though purpose of the Rayale personal trip to Germany was never revealed it came in the sidelines of an official tour of Europe which is contrary to the numerous Silanyo ones that are attributed mostly to medical attention.
Compared to his predecessors Silanyo Is Most Travelled Abroad on Personal Business President of Somaliland
Compared to his predecessors namely late Abdirahamn Tuur, late Mohamed Ibrahim Egal and Dahir Rayale Kahin- immediate past, Silanyo takes credit of most travelled abroad on personal visits president of Somaliland.
For the president Silanyo over bloated cabinet composed of mostly ministers from the diaspora never ending foreign trips are a regular occurrence with only a few in record as of official or any benefit to the country.