SFG to Continue Talks with Somaliland



By Somalicurrent

Somalilandsun – Somali Federal government is determined to continue talks with Somaliland to ensure unity of the country, according to the president of the Horn of Africa nation.

Speaking at UN General Assembly meeting in New York, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said his government will preserve the unity of his country through dialogue.

“With the good offices of the Government of Turkey, we have continued our dialogue with the authorities in Somaliland, underscoring our determination to preserve the unity of the country, not by force and coercion, but through dialogue, mutual respect and understanding.” President Mohamud said.

Mr Mohamud is optimistic that the talks between his government and Somaliland administration will be fruitful.

“Somali unity must be more than a rhetorical device: it must preserve and promote the dignity, equality and legitimate aspirations of all Somali citizens. By adhering to such principles, we are confident that our dialogue with Somaliland will not only continue, but will eventually bear fruit.”

Delegates from SFG and Somaliland met twice in Turkey this year, to solve the differences between and the hope to restore the unity of British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland.

Somalia’s southern regions colonized by Italy and Northern regions colonized by Britain united in 1st July 1960, but after 31 years, Somaliland declared its secession from Somalia following the overthrow of the central government.

The country has now the first an internationally recognized government after eight years of transitional governments, leading hope of stability and federal institutions in the country.