Republic of Somaliland is heading in the right Direction – with Jamal Ali Hussein


By:Abdistade Elmi Yusuf, Chairman of Somaliland United Development Program

SYDNEY – Every President and citizen shall have the duty, in accordance with the law, to strengthen the unity of the nation, the protection of the sovereignty of the state, and the defence of our country Somaliland and the religion.

Jamal Ali Hussein is the future of the nation and state, and Jamal is the symbol of the unity of the citizens of the republic of Somaliland. Jamal Ali Hussein have the capacity and experience to be responsible for the care of the nation’s resources ,the protection of the peace ,the advancement of the society and the proper conduct of the administration of the state.

I have noticed about certain important aspects of Jamal Ali Hussein and I am happy to share with you my dear fellow citizens, I am deeply impressed of leadership effectiveness accountability and professionalism of Jamal, he’s public speaking ability and charisma.Which I believe Jamal Ali Hussein charisma makes a presidential candidate more accessible to potential voters, which can strengthen a campaign greatly.

Jamal Ali Hussein is able to communicate his vision, strategy and objectives for the future of the people of Somaliland.

An ideal time for political change, Jamal will recognise the minimal use of disease called “Mytribe” or “reer Hebeel”. I believe the tribe is not beneficial for democratic system that we desperately need, in fact I think tribe and democracy are irreconcilably opposed.

Jamal Ali Hussein posses the capacity needed in order to govern and regulate our Somaliland.

In Somaliland freedom of expression is must, citizens have right to express themselves on political matters without danger of severe punishment, this includes a constructive criticism of officials, the government and prevailing ideology.

The democracy is about the will of the people expressed in ballot and It is based on the freely expressed will of people and closely linked to the rule of law and exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

After 21 years, Jamal Ali Hussein is the right citizen who can establish the full democracy political system that we really need in Somaliland. The democracy is a political system acknowledge of the people to participate in political decisions, either directly or indirectly through elected representatives, to distribute and regulate the political power under the rule of majority. Political prerequisites such as free, fair and frequent elections, freedom of expression, inclusive citizenship and so on, are necessary in order to insure the soundness of the process.

There are many advantages that make democracy more desirable than any other feasible alternative political system such as tribalism. Even though to attain all of the potential benefits is beyond the capacity of current democracies, these ideal consequences cannot be overlooked. When properly implemented and regulated, the democratic political system should in theory produce a series of beneficial objectives.

The progress that Somaliland has made so far would not have been possible without the hard working Somalilanders around world that includes Jamal Ali Hussein.

Abdistade Elmi Yusuf

Sydney Australia

Chairman of Somaliland United Development Program

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