Reasons behind Resignation of Somaliland Envoy to AU and IGAD


Somalilandsun- The Somaliland Ambassador to the Africa Union and IGAD H.E Adan Musa Jibril has tendered his resignation. The envoy also confirmed the reason behind his resignation. The Ambassador forwarded his resignation letter to President Bihi and also sent a copy to the Foreign minister.
The content of the aforesaid letter that the Horn newspaper got a copy confirmed that the envoy lamented that Somaliland foreign policy lacks substance and is not as par other countries.
He also cited the recent acquisition of Berbera International Port by The Dubai based DP World as another bitter pill to swallow for any patriotic gentleman with a sound mind.
The content of the letter dated 9th March 2018 read as follows……
Mr.president after a lot of soul searching I have decided to tender my resignation after I found out that I am fighting a losing battle in terms of ideology on the best way forward for Somaliland foreign policy which has stagnated for 27 years.
To add insult to injury the country lacks a clear foreign policy and agenda because the current policy paper has not been revised for almost three decades.

Somaliland Ambassador to the Africa Union and IGAD H.E Adan Musa Jibril Quits

For instance a case in question is when I organized an International conference themed “The hybrid Political and Security Governance” that was held in Hargeisa on June 2016 whereby 13 francophone and anglophone African countries participated. To make the matter worse the value of the conference to Somaliland independence was widely missed because of lack of knowledgeable people at the foreign ministry. I brought five expert military attachés who represented five African countries to see by their on eyes the role Somaliland can play in Africa security.
When I contacted the foreign minister is claimed there is no money for the conference the I-contacted you Mr.President when you were the Kulmiye chairman however you stated that you shall respond to my agenda after some time but you did not heed my call.
All these issued have piled up and have forced me to become suspicious of my conscience about my patriotism and representation of my country Somaliland of which I dearly love but lack the moral and financial support from those in authority to push her agenda across.


  1. The foreign office of Somaliland for sure lacks the expertise and leadership. Diplomatically it is non existent body. After 27 years of self declared independence Somaliland is back to square one where the British and China left it in 1960. In a real senses Somaliland did not put effort in getting its independence from Somalia.