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Can Technology and Innovation turn the tide on corruption? YES!

Somalilandsun ui – The Fight Against Corruption (TFAC) welcomes the introduction of a paperless Cloud Computing application aimed at eliminating tender fraud and procurement corruption in South Africa.

TFAC promotes Sentigol (PTY) Ltd.’s successfully launched web-based procurement tool, TenderSure, which has already been embraced by corporate South Africa with a number of large companies within the health sector, auditing, tourism and construction adopting the new technological development as a means of ridding business of procurement fraud and corruption.

South Africa presently loses approximately R30 billion a year as a result of tender fraud. Sentigol’s technology is designed to combat corruption often associated with the procurement process. It enables free and fair competition, making the procurement process more efficient. Because it is paperless, it also contributes to the move by South African business towards the green economy.

As a web application, Tendersure makes participation in competitive bidding easier. The security and transparency included in the design makes it very difficult for corruption to occur in the procurement process. All grading and decisions are made autonomously, objectively and consistently – without bias.

Tendersure represents the next generation for E Procurement.

It enhances the procurement process from merely being an advanced tender notification system, to the autonomous ranking and evaluation of bid data, which is free from the possibility of human interference. The System incorporates transparency, automated scoring and procedural fairness to the supply chain and procurement process. These are systems of security which are currently unheard of. It is an evolution in the procurement process.

Tendersure delivers improvements in efficiency, whilst also offering numerous decision support tools. The efficiency aspects lend themselves to a highly traceable and auditable system, helping to combat corruption. As corruption issues continue to plague society, it is very encouraging to see how innovation and technology is playing a pivotal role in developing and providing solutions that can tackle this horrendous epidemic. TenderSure has received many accolades and acknowledgements for its innovation and contribution to reducing and eliminating procurement corruption.

We believe that one of their proudest moments is that corporate South Africa is embracing the TenderSure system as the most viable option to deal with tender challenges. It is also regarded as a quick and easy implementation of a procurement solution amid rising product and service costs.

On average, where TenderSure has been implemented, an audited 15% improvement has been realized in maintenance costs and services tendered for. This is a tremendous saving for their clients and a dramatic improvement on their client’s bottom line. In essence, TenderSure is a solution to a Global problem. A solution that is leading the way!

For your interest, below please find a link to a television interview with ABN’s Natascha Jacobsz about Sentigol and their TenderSure Innovation.

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