Prison Warden Flees Following Notorious Prisoners Escape


Arial view of Lasanod

By M.A. Egge

The officer in charge of Lasanod Prison Abdi Nour Adan has absconded from duty and is believed to have fled to neighboring country, Somalia, specifically to Puntaland following the escape of a notorious convict from the facility.

So far it has not been categorically established by the authorities as to the circumstances surrounding the saga, but local reports claim that as soon as the OC got wind of being probed in an impending investigation for the escaped prisoners, he bolted leaving his deputy to face the music.

The sources further claim that as soon as his replacement was finalized he absconded, only adding to speculations on the suspicion that he may be the main culprit behind spear- heading the escape of the prisoner.

Lasanod has been previously the site of several murders and assassination incidents of senior regional state officials.