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Mohamed Rasahid Solja Secretary GeneralThe Most Significant Challenges to Somaliland Media is Lack of Support and Programs to Empower Somaliland Media:

Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) was established in 2003 with a view to empower members of the mediacommunity and ensure the high standards of journalism/reportage in Somaliland. SOLJA, its headquarters inHargeisa (the capital city of Somaliland), is a non-governmental local solidarity and a non-profit making organization.The association consists of 283 members including freelance journalist, with new members registering every day tobecome members and to pursue Journalism in Somaliland.

SOLJA’s ACTIVITIES, in three key areas that consist of:Capacity building, Training and Advocacy and how to overcome Emerging challenges. SOLJA is seekingsupport and co-operation whether it is information sharing, transparency & accountability, such as local community,Government, LNGO’s, UN &Independent international Organizations as well as donors of the internationalcommunity so that its goals are accomplished.The Media and the UN agencies, including the International organizations can have a more close relationship inorder to contribute towards the MDGs and its outcomes beyond 2015.The media is a powerful force that can influence policy makers and their policies, together with other developmentstakeholders, bridge the Gap informing both the local communities and Government Institutions. The dialoguecreated by the media between them can help to shift the focus from a cultural reaction to a culture of prevention.Somaliland journalist association SOLJA is here to remind the UN Agencies the commitment and the promise tosupport Somaliland journalists in terms of capacity building and trainings.According to:The UN held a large media event at the Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa on 7th March 2012. The aim was two fold: thefollowing commitment has been raised : “Regarding media development, the UN hopes to work with NGOs anddonors on more strategic and long term support to media development, including more sustainable professionaltraining and resources.”However after four months nothing has been done, even though SOLJA has proposed several proposal to the UNagencies.The Somaliland journalist association (SOLJA) calls for all UN, Ingo’s and International community to support thesechallenges facing currently in Somaliland media.SOLJA offering the following areas in support:1. The DeAfrica upcoming courses will start on October 1st 2012.Registration to all the courses began on May 1, 2012 and some students have already paid their coursefees. Fees may be paid in full or by instalments before the deadline on September 21, 2012• To increase the capability Number of Journalists information Technology in using their Daily activity aroundthis.• To enhance and strengthen the ability of journalist in journalism professionalism and Skills to their dailyactivity• To produce group of journalist those have a capability to train others inside the country.2. Somaliland journalists and of arrested, harassed, threatened unfairly expelled several of them fatal, hasincreased year by year, suppose in this year 58 cases of journalist detentions by media professionals areamong those whose lives welfare are at particular risk, the number authorities since the beginning of theyear. (In here what do you want to do to decrease these cases)3. There is a need of a Media Education center, Access to the Internet and Resource Materials.4. Capacity building programs to Award Media houses and individual journalist in terms of training andfacilities.5. Media Awards that will honor reporters and Journalist for their valued work.Somaliland Journalist Association SOLJA, finally Are highly appreciated all UN & Ingo’s to support thesechallenges are above mentioned.Secondly, called UN to help provide long-term support for Somaliland media.

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Max’ed-Rashid Mux’ed Farah

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