Postelection 2017 Somaliland’s leadership: Narcissism vs. Charisma


From top Left President Silanyo, Muse. Eli of Kulmiye, Jamal Ali of UCID and Abdirahman Irro of Wadani

.By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye.

Somalilandsun- In interview with HCTV “Did you bombard Ethiopia during 77 War?” “ yes, I brutally bombed Ethiopia”. This statement seems uttered by three old child, but it’s not. The ruling party Kulmiye candidate Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi of Somaliland uttered without any exercising the minimum diplomatic code of ethics when asked his greatest achievement in a life. In interview with Ethiopian Reporter in Hargaysa, “Ethiopia the Main Obstacle to Recognition” he shockingly disclosed his inability to understand of how the world works. In fact, Addis Ababa is exactly the opposite. These insanely outrageous comments devoid of iota of truth and decency in span of several months can’t be mere coincidences but systematically deliberate pattern to signal shift in politics on the part of Somaliland current leadership. They also starkly display his lack of finesse and his poverty of diplomatic language reinforces the notion many had already taken of him: a soldierly demeanor and layman under the influence of clannish evildoers. Getting used to yellow journalism of his clannish standard under of the pretense of ‘free press’ who constantly make character assassination of ‘other’ great leaders in clanwise. Muse thinks he has the leeway to make up whatsoever about the sovereign nation, but he must be accountable for his actions! Make no mistake this outburst of breaking all norms and crossing all red lines is only the beginning: a hell of trash in the pipeline would be further pumped. Thomas L. Freidman said speaking of Trump “… intellectual laziness and towering policy ignorance… in a league of its own” likewise, Somaliland intellectuals, if any, should make sure Muse Bihi, far more mediocre than one else one can imagine, fails to win. The damage to the country – in the case of his election- will make Somaliland look  like “Tribes With Flags”. Tired of recycling mottos of improving x sector, and given pollsters, voters want real change in the Wadani party charismatic leadership.

When wikileaks revealed the late premier of Ethiopia was a global champion for Somaliland recognition, how Ethiopia can be an obstacle to recognition of Somaliland. It’s an unsubstantiated allegation and diplomatic gaffe that portrays Somaliland in negative light: “Somalilanders bite the hand that feeds them” which is false.

It’s also a spectacular manifestation of ignorance of diplomatic ethical behavior of codes of integrity and mutual respect. The presidential historians’ analysis that Muse is the least qualified candidate of all times has some truth to it. He is always a victim of his demagoguery and self-defeating tactics! “ Capable of killing, I don’t want reconciliation, our military might superior in number and type dictates” about an ethnic group Abraham Kinfe Ethiopian prolific author  described one of his amazing books as a third of Somaliland population led to deadly conflict that lasted for four years cost unaccountable lives still a political nightmare for him. Muse’s awkward posture of nosing up often makes him political caricature. By the way, his recent comment revealed intellectual problem, devoid of Somali “mores’, and embarrassed all Somalilanders across the spectrum. How does he dare such thing about Ethiopia an unfailing friend of Somaliland in the global arena unless speaking out of his mind? Last week, Somaliland entertained online petition for global recognition when all other attempts of alternatives virtually met with failure!

Muse’s domestic policy isn’t that better than his foreign policy. It has a grim outlook and monstrous gaffe every day. He became an anathema both internally and externally for his mob-leadership style, “ Berbera residents you killers and common thieves” In inauguration of Takuful Insurance in Somaliland, Muse said mullahs and clerics are greedy and pathological liars, some politicized Imams can be ugly but this isn’t the way to go about it. His approaches are socially unacceptable because they are oversimplistic and counterproductive.

‘Lieutenant ’ of Somali Air Force former co-pilot of military MIG 17 Jet, currently, the ruling party Kulmiye candidate brags insanely  of killing innocent Ethiopians “ during 1977, the Ethiopian-Somalia War,  I’ve bombarded Karamarda” the place had no military target as it was civilian residential area outskirts of Jigjiga. If he’s decent, he should apologize for both massacres in 1977 and 1994 wars in Somaliland and Ethiopia respectively. In unusual, clannish campaigners are fighting for him to give Big Award for his Clannish Bravery in 1994 in Remaking History.

In 1977 Muse (-Wayne)  Bihi Military Cadet Receiving his Medal of Bombardment on Karmarda residential

The nation still struggles to come to terms with the hatefully despicable statements. Muse is a controversial man, a victim of misjudgment and lack of clarity, a pushover of clannish tycoons and ill-informed warlords. They tried to make him smart and look diplomat by wearing him some suit but that didn’t help him he yet remained dhiboo (the foot soldier cadet he was decades ago).

Surrounded by his clannish henchmen, and ex-guerilla out of rehab, he brags endlessly out of nothing.

The regime one worked with is one’s primary fountain of ideology. Ahmed Mahamoud “Silanyo’ was the Minister of Commerce of Siyad Barre’s regime during 1977 War with Ethiopia. According to Ambassador Awil’s diary, Mr. Silanyo rushed to Nairobi to meet the Ambassador “why don’t you join the battle to benefit your military expertise to your country ( Awil is a grad of UK’ elite military college) “ the war isn’t good for us!” said the Ambassador. Following his forty years of the military regime, Mr. Silanyo couldn’t keep his mouth shut during the Regional Invasion into Somalia by regional alliances led by EDF at the Somalia government invite to prevent the terror from spreading from its epicenter to the wider world. Surely, the curse would be engulfed the region and beyond if Ethiopia passively watched the deadly cancer. President Silanyo, at the time, Kulmiye’s candidate regularly held in Rasuum Hotel in Hargaysa series of congresses calling Summit One and Two spewing hatred and spreading propaganda about Ethiopia. His lectures still replayed by some local channels to let mobs feed on anti-Ethiopian sentiment. He couldn’t get rid of hangover. They unknowingly sabotaged an entire mission mean to cure cancer.

Ethiopians couldn’t decipher why someone who claims his country is different from Somalia and whom given asylum twice by Addis Ababa still speaks someone else’s business!  It’s a common phenomenon for Kulmiye whose party roughly translates the unifier (of Somalia) to offend Ethiopia. Muse followed his footpath while Somaliland Foreign Minister Sa’ad Shire in unannounced visit in Cairo, strange bedfellows following DP World takeover of Berbera. It seems Addis Ababa has been outmaneuvered yet has a leverage to punish. The entire DP World investment goes in vain if Addis Ababa multibillion shipments transactions and the Ethiopian importers boycott Berbera port use. They can take their businesses elsewhere where they get respect and mutual interest including Port Sudan.

Besides Muse Bihi’s political immaturity, is thought to be here for his personal desire. Last time when the president Silanyo blocked his candidacy to test his sheepish obedience to him, he disappeared  from public sector; as though he wanted nothing  but to enrich himself  he would otherwise look for any other public service to serve for his internationally besieged nation (unlike Ali Waran’ade who accepted Addis Ababa liaison representative with grace). His aggressive pursuit and assertion just to be a president not less showed that he suffers megalomania. He was clannishly asked to make way for his ‘ electable cousins’ like Sheikh Samale but for his dogged determination to hang on the party illustrated his inherent authoritarianism tendencies making the voters seep a way to Wadani party.

Oversensitive to criticism, making fuss about triviality, and lack of impulse control to spew, Muse is an average man running for the extraordinarily toughest job in the pariah nation in the most precarious situation beyond his talent that requires strong diplomacy and successfully safe navigation. In the case of his hijack of the next election, he will be not only a dangerous to the regional stability but also an end to Somaliland itself. To put in nutshell, his colleagues and veterans accused Muse Bihi of confrontational, divisive, and absolute stinker. He offers nothing but smears campaign and gutter politics of tribalism.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt lent his gavel Thursday to the visiting speaker of the Somaliland Parliament, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi. A delegation of members of Parliament received a rousing welcome on the House floor at the Capitol. (Staff photo: Chris Steller)

On the other hand, Dr. Rt. Hon. Abdirahman M. Abdilahi “Iro” of Wadani party presidential candidate is a well-informed, wise, pragmatist, and career diplomat served in Moscow for two decades and currently Speaker of Parliament besides being the presidential aspirant from opposition party Wadani. He showed integrity and leadership that drew to drive New Generation University in Addis Ababa rightly to award Honorary Doctorate on his social activism “… for his notable contribution to strengthen people to people relations in Ethiopia and Somaliland altruistic action in peace building and conflict resolution in Somaliland…’’ . The Certificate stated. Being a nice temperament, diplomat, and above all, conciliatory, smiley leader made him the most likable candidate, in Somaliland election history, by the commoners.

Mr. Iro, seasoned statesman of statecraft, is a thoughtful man who play the games who was exposed to the world politics early on. He worked in his homeland and previously in the Western world.

He represents the soul of Muslim libertarian society in Somaliland that work with their neighbors on common challenges. His motto is “you can choose your friend but you can’t choose your neighbor regardless how much you hate or disagree with them; they there to stay for eternity!”  to neutralize Muse’s election campaign against Ethiopia .His long life commitment to public service made Iro a skillfully effective leader.  While Kulmiye party empties out en masse including the last mass resignation of ministers and other public servants besides having multiple incentives including gift, and threats of cancellation of given contract, floods of grassroots supporters declared to join Wadani are kept on hold for filtering. Prof. Samatar membership for Wadani has been turned down for his ever-shifting position.

Some Somalilanders often ask Iro “why don’t you resign from Parliament Speaker to primarily focus opposition camp?” Nevertheless, his answer was an extraordinary only understandable for those who read between the lines. “My (public) life is more than just chasing presidency I must help my country and my people whatsoever capacity I can, this isn’t about me it’s about making lives better, surely without much democratic devotion to public service. I could turn to other lucrative projects or stay my comfort in Finland but I want to tick some boxes before I leave the planet shaping the country my grandchildren will live. Why I abandon my country tear apart by rogue and reckless personalities?” remarked Iro during our informal meeting in Addis Ababa. His belief and ideas are impressively extraordinary.

In the next election in 2017, there is only one competent candidate with proven record—despite some rectifiable weaknesses— that Somalilanders and the rest of the world can trust to lead Somaliland; surely, that’s Dr. Rt. Hon. Abdirahman M. Abdilahi Iro of Wadani Party. It’s a moral obligation for the world to support the overdue democratic change in Somaliland. Somalilanders want to see true change, not replacement of one man into more corrupted one such as the case of Kulmiy Party—if so they prefer President Silanyo with his all physical decline to ‘lead’ with the assistance of his family and Friendly Nurses over the deranged man. Remember Wadani Party’s leadership would prevent the looming disaster over the region where every culprit and reckless person is running for municipality, parliamentary, and presidency seat without pre-vetting.

The Writer is Somaliland Concerned National,