Political Differences Between Somaliland and Somalia Catches Up with IDPs


Somalilandsun- Somaliland and Somalia have for the past 27 years been political antagonist following collapse of their ill fated 1960 Union.
Since the collapse of the greater Somalia union then reclaiming it’s Sovereignty in 1991 Somaliland a former British protectorate has remained internationally unrecognized but this has not stopped it acting as one.
With that status prevailing Somaliland considers all citizens of Somalia, a former Italian colony as foreigners who are required to adhere to international norms when entering and staying in Somaliland
In contrary D dSomalia still alleges jurisdictional authority over Somaliland which it terms and views as its northwestern region a position similar to that adapted by many international organizations and foreign governments.
That being so and with the government of Somaliland perceiving citizens of Somalia in their country p as foreigners while the international community and the Somalia federal government terming them as locals, internally displaced persons are being caught up on the political wrangling.
The political and insecurity turbulence that has prevailed in Somalia for almost three decades has seen a large number of its citizens moving base to Somaliland where peace prevails.
These citizens of Somalia are in Somaliland in many guises be it skilled workers, business operators, family residence and short term visitors among others but a large segment come after being displaced from their homes by reasons of insecurity, Drought etc.
While political differences between the two countries have in the past not been felt by ordinary citizens and with the Somaliland government perceiving those from Somalia as foreigners and the IC and Somalia terming them locals the internally displaced from south central are now feeling the pinch.
According to a report by radio ergo internally displaced people camped in Hargeisa are not receiving proper humanitarian support just because Authorities in Hargeisa view them as foreigners and not internally displaced.
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