Obama Affirms Relations with Kenya


By Stephen Macharia

Somalilandsun – President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President-elect William Ruto received a congratulatory message from the US president Barack Obama on their election last month and subsequent upholding of duo victory by the Supreme Court reports citizennews

The congratulatory message was delivered to the president-elect at his KICC office by the US ambassador to Kenya Mr. Robert Godec.

In the statement Obama said that the electoral process and the peaceful adjudication of disputes that ensued are testament of Kenya progression in strengthening democratic institutions.

The American President further noted that since Kenya’s independence in 1963 1963, the United State and Kenya have been strong partners united by a shared commitment to democracy, security and opportunity.

The President-elect said he looked forward to strengthening ties and cooperation between Kenya and the US for the mutual benefit of the two countries.

Uhuru expressed his government’s commitment to nurturing a philosophy of constructive engagements in which diplomatic contacts would be between the democratically elected leaders.

He further emphasized that his government looked forward to continued cooperation with the US and the international community in general in the consolidation of peace in Somalia.

On the domestic front, President-elect said the immediate priority of his government was uniting the people of Kenya adding that he looked forward to the support of the US and other development partners in managing the country’s diversity.

In attendance during the talks were outgoing Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Ongeri, Permanent Secretaries Thuita Mwangi and Mutea Iringo among senior government officials.