No Future for Japan without Atonement for Past: KAPPC


Pyongyang (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee (KAPPC) issued a statement Wednesday as it has been 108 years since the Japanese gangsters cooked up “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty”, illegal document for invasion, and usurped the sovereignty of Korea.
Had the Japanese invaders not stretched their dark tentacles to Korea, there would not have occurred such a tragedy in which the Korean nation has suffered the misfortune and pain for more than seven decades, being divided into the north and the south, the statement said.
Noting the Japanese reactionaries, however, have now gone more and more impudent, far from apologizing and reflecting on their hideous past crimes, the statement cited facts to prove this.
It went on:
What is all the more intolerable is that the Abe group is adding new crimes to the piles of the hideous past crimes, far from atoning for them.
While shelving their cursed past crimes, the Japanese reactionaries are talking about the “solution of the issue of abductees” as if they are interested in improving the DPRK-Japan relations. This is the height of craftiness.
While keeping mum about the hideous crime that took the lives of millions of the Koreans, they are hyping the issue of a few “abductees”. This absurd claim against common sense and appropriateness is just the occult art peculiar to Japs to transform themselves into “victim” though they are just sinful assailants.
Japan overheated with militarist frenzy has to keenly realize that it can never go to the future, with their crime-woven past left pending.
At a time when the new trend for peace created on the Korean peninsula has massive impact on the world political situation and there witnesses a drastic change in the relations of dynamics in the region, only Japan is being treated like an outcast. This is just disgrace and tragedy invited by itself.
Japan has to clearly understand that without atonement for its past crimes it can never take even one step toward the future. -0-