No Force Can Bring down DPRK: KCNA Commentary


Somalilandsun — In the closing days of 2017 the world is clearly seeing the image of the DPRK that has towered as a new strategic state.
The U.S. journal National Interest in a commentary on Dec. 15 wrote that 2017 was a special year for north Korea in which it possessed direct deterrence to the nuclear blackmail of the U.S.
It added that the most important lesson drawn this year is that north Korea is firm in its will at nuclear possession and it is ready to risk anything to this end. Threat would never stop north Korea. If there is anything Trump taught us this year, it is the fact that north Korea would never abandon its nuclear program.
The Washington Post, the British weekly magazine The Week and other Western media and experts in Korean issue have become strong in their assertion that the DPRK is now possessed of nuclear deterrence and there is nothing the U.S. is able to do with this and that the U.S. should recognize the DPRK’s nuclear possession.
The former foreign minister of Poland on Dec. 17 said that the DPRK is a nuclear power and it will further consolidate its position.
This is the unanimous acknowledgement of the international community of the undeniable tremendous might and unchangeable strategic position of the DPRK.
Acknowledgement is the basis of thinking and a starting point of action.
The U.S. has so far drunken bitter cups in decades of stand-off with the DPRK because it took the DPRK wrong.
Whether it took the DPRK as a weak nation or a subject country which moves at the beck and call of a big power or as a government which would collapse out of its own accord, it is all prompted by the U.S. ignorance of the DPRK, its inveterate repugnancy against the DPRK and arrogance looking down on others.
Today the U.S. and hostile forces are taken aback by the tremendous might of the DPRK. But if they understand the ideology, history and tradition of the DPRK, they will admit that it is the inevitable result.
This year the DPRK has made rapid progress beyond imagination in completing the state nuclear force and realizing the cause of building a rocket power under the wise guidance of the respected Supreme Leader.
Finally, an end is put to the days when the U.S. used to threaten the DPRK with nuclear weapons, and the theatre of the final battle between the DPRK and the U.S. has definitely moved to the U.S. mainland across the Pacific.
A fundamental change has also been brought about in the international community’s perspective and acknowledgement of the overall state might and strategic position of the DPRK.
Through this year’s struggle, the Korean people keenly realized once again the validity of the Workers’ Party of Korea’s line of simultaneous development of the two fronts, and they will advance with confidence along the road of socialism despite manifold difficulties and hardships.
No force on the earth can bring down the powerful DPRK.
The U.S. has to make a bold decision to write a new chapter of the DPRK-U.S. relations, by setting in order its thought though belatedly.
This is the best advice given to the U.S. on the New Year. –