New book challenges leaders to embrace training


‘Developing the Ministerial Mindset: A Global View’ urges better pre-post training for governors

somalilandsun – In their new book “Developing The Ministerial Mindset: A Global View” (published by AuthorHouse) authors Aliar Hossain and Mark T Jones tackle the always-thorny issue of governmental competence and training. They present clear strategies for improving the decision-making and effectiveness of government ministers across the globe.

“The overall theme of this book is the duty incumbent on government ministers to carry out their work efficiently and with good intentions,” the authors note, “which can be achieved through greater training, support and the development of structures designed to identify and encourage the requisite ministerial mindset.”

Drawing on their extensive international experience, Hossain and Jones have produced a timely work that highlights the shortcomings of many of those called to serve in government. This candid work does not pull its punches. “Ministers are often elevated to positions and departments for which they have little past experience or affinity,” it notes, but the authors strive to be equally analytical and constructive.

Featuring a valuable insight into the politics of water and a concise formula to help people increase their chances of success, it is refreshing, well-rounded and timely. It ably demonstrates that ministerial training far from being an arid topic is a fertile field study, one that is relevant to us all.

“Developing The Ministerial Mindset: A Global View”

By Aliar Hossain & Mark T Jones

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 144 pages | ISBN 9781481789936

E-Book | 144 pages | ISBN 9781481789950

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Aliar Hossain is an executive coach, researcher and leading business advisor in sustainable development, CSR, leadership and education. He funds and manages Seed of Possibilities, a social and economic development not-for-profit project providing grants and consultation for poor people in the South Asian region, improving their living standards with sustainable business ideas, funding and long-term professional support.

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Mark T Jones is a fervent, widely-travelled internationalist. He trains and advises legislative leaders on trade and investment in Africa’s frontier markets. He believes that many of the current economic and geopolitical difficulties in the world are the result of a combination of a poverty of leadership, poor regional/market knowledge, and a lack of strategic vision. Contact: