MH370: China Families Point to Way Forward-Media Release


Distraught. A relative of one of the passengers on board flight MH370 after hearing news that no one survived Picture Reuters

Somalilandsun-Families of the 154 Chinese passengers of MH370 have issued a statement and plea to nations’ leaders to broaden the approach to recovering the missing passengers and crew.

They are cautious of the official approach, led by Malaysia, and still hopeful the missing may be alive.

“We are the voices of the families of 154 missing passengers, sons and daughters of China, of flight MH370.

We do not believe any of the series of official statements starting from 24 March 2014 up to and including that of 3 September 2015.

“There is no real proof justifying any of these statements.

In the absence of proof to the contrary, we believe it is possible the missing may still be alive.

If this is so, we would willingly grant to the perpetrators amnesty in return for the release of the missing.

“Accordingly, we have called on all 13 nations, either through their consular representatives, or directly to the senior minister, to agree to offer amnesty under these circumstances. *

“To date, none of the representative nations has responded.

We now call on them to do so in honour of the missing, of us who long for their return and of the many concerned citizens throughout the world.”

Here is a series of photos of the flaperon on the day of “discovery” at Réunion.

flageron discoveredThe beach is on the east coast facing the morning sun. We can see that the shadows in the first picture are long and in the subsequent pictures progressively shorter until reaching their shortest around midday.

Thus we have reliable determination of the sequence of events.

The most significant is that the first picture shows the flaperon with the jeep. That is, what is shown here happened before the flaperon was carried to its examination point, shown in the later photographs. That is the flaperon is taken from the jeep.

We, the families of the missing passengers of China of flight MH370, want the world to know that we do not believe the official announcement of 3 September or any earlier official announcement.

We appeal to intelligent members of the international community to support us in our search for the truth and for the missing of all nations of flight MH370.


Your Excellency,

Re: MH370 Search

We represent family members of Chinese passengers, who do not wish to be named for privacy reasons, but who are nonetheless genuine family members of passengers of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The broad spectrum of possible scenarios can be divided into essentially two overarching categories.

Those in which

1. Survivors cannot be found alive and

2. Survivors can be found alive.

To date, endeavours by participating nations led by Malaysia have been, and will continue to be, focused on category 1.

We, representing family members of Chinese passengers, wish to complement the search effort by focusing on category 2.

To this end, we are led, by logical deduction, starting from supposition 2, the passengers and crew are being held some place unknown and by some persons unknown.

We would willingly exchange the safe return of our loved ones for amnesty for any perpetrators.

We do not presume to impose the supposition of veracity of category 2 on the governments of nations whose citizens are among the passengers and crew.

However, we respectfully request that you convey to your nation’s authorities, the urgent wish of families and friends here represented that amnesty be offered under the above mentioned circumstances.

Yours respectfully,

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New Zealand






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