Meeting amongst Farmajo, Abiy and Aferworki Dilutes the Political Influence of Djibouti Leader Geele and Its Repercussions on Somaliland


Somalilandsun:This is the second meeting in a span of three months that transpired between the leaders of Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea Mr.Farmajo, Mr.Abiy and Mr.Aferworki respectively.

The meeting was he in Gondar town in the Amharic region of Ethiopia. In early September of this year the leaders of the three countries met in Asmara, Eritrea to chart new way forward for the countries in the Horn of Africa region. In the meeting they discussed the
economic and political situation of the region.

The wind of political change blowing across the Horn of Africa region has brought new hope and optimism to the populace of these region. The new political wave has ushered in new friendship amongst the Horn of Africa nations which were reeling in imaginary suspicions and hostilities towards each other.

Conspicuously absent at the meeting was he president of DjiboutiMr.Ismael Omar Geele who was a force to reckon in the Horn of Africa before the emergence of Mr.Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia who has broken barriers of suspicions amongst Horn of Africa states.

Now Somalia,Ethiopia and Eritrea are basking in the glory of their new found friendship. The position of the Djibouti president as the man to consult about the Horn of Africa has been taken by Mr.Aferworki a veteran of politics and military affairs.

On the other side if the coin Somalia meeting with these countries of the Horn could have implication on Somaliland a country that has still political vendetta to score with Somalia. Somaliland proclaimed her independence from Somalia in 1991 and has since not looked back. However Somalia is still clinging to the notion of unification.

The Eritrean president is against the independence of Somaliland and has been a vocal opposition of an independent Somaliland. The Eritrean strong man seems to be more experienced to his two counterpart of Somalia and Ethiopia and is the new political arithmetician of the Horn of Africa region.