Let’s rise above the tides


By: M.A.Egge

Now that both the potentially political explosive bitter wrangles within the parliament and top Kulmiye party echelons have amicably been brought to rest, Somalilanders should not only sigh in relief, but have to indeed pep up imminent issues on our aspirations.

We of course hail the grand team of the Guurti elders for dealing with so fragile a problem amongst parliamentarians in power struggles just us we praise the 10-man conciliatory team who have just addressed the wrangles that pitted top shots within the party’s hierarchy against each other.

In other words we should safely argue that the needless political quagmire that has in the past couple of months threatened to get out of hand has had its fever subsided hence is best to shove them behind our backs.

On the same note we take the opportunity to caution against any recurrence of such uncalled for misunderstandings such that valuable time meant for nation building should not be wasted on retrogressive petty wrangles.

At the same time we congratulate the President for being extra patient and let the country’s trademark of conciliatory acumen take place.

From thence, henceforth, it is best for all patriots to embark on expected chores, with of course the prioritization of the main aspiration of the country- thus sovereignty.

It is worth noting that the just ended retrogressive wrangles not only wasted precious time but indeed had a shadow looming over our collective plight.

Thus, nothing else should be allowed to hurt, sway, dent, impede, slow or affect our aspirations.

Just as the main populaces have depicted perseverance once more, as they have always been doing, SL comes first and everything else follows.

In the same breath we should see to it that the long experience the people have had of being subjected to “case study” being fathomed should be brought to a close.

Time and again, whereby organization, societies, groups, countries or so jet in “for fact finding” missions is now quite meaningless and depressing rather than rejuvenating spirits.

Although the visitors have the right to “orientate” themselves in their visits, however in the same of international community, it rightly does not augur well in this time of cyber-space whereby the world has become a global village.

Similarly, Somalilanders should stop viewing or evaluating themselves against Somalia. By making Mogadishu our yardstick in calibrating our development, mixed signals are sent throughout the world hence the international community, by extension, only views us as birds of the same feathers!

We should stop forthwith such perception that “we are better than the south” hence instead look further the horizons for befitting images that justifiably reflect our true selves.

By doing that we would distance ourselves more from the insecurity and images witnessed in Mogadishu instead of being seen to be “infatuated” with it.

After all, whether anyone one likes it or not, Somalia have completely failed and (will always remain) in the doldrums because of being obsessed with SL.

This is the main factor that they, and majority of the IC, have failed to acknowledge to the regional’s detriment.

We should not be party to abetting in such wrongs hence we must STOP making them our calibration point forthwith for our own good!

Is it not astounding to see the southern President dreamingly pressing to “get hold” of SL whereas he cannot secure his own backyard?

To get them and the IC get rudely shocked back in to reality, we should rise above tides properly as per our aspirations.