Last Human to Die Happy 30,000 Years Ago found in Ethiopia


University of Edinburg Archeologists uncover remains of last human who died happy 300 centuries ago

Somalilandsun-According to researchers from the university of Edinburg carbon dating concludes that the fossilized skeleton uncovered at Ethiopia’s Afar Region
is that of a Paleolithic man—nicknamed “Felix” by the team of scientists responsible for the find—who died perfectly contented and unencumbered by regret roughly 30,000 years ago.
The archeologists said that a spectral analysis of the remains indicated wear in Felix’s lower extremities consistent with a long, confident gait. Additionally, forensic odontology tests revealed that the man had never grinded his teeth, stunning scientists who had until now accepted that this behavior had become ubiquitous at roughly the same time humans developed abstract thought and the capacity to project into the future. Continue reading Archaeologists Uncover Last Human To Die Happy