“Lack of Operational Policies is an Impediment to Hargeisa Group Hospital Development ’ Outgoing Director says


Somalilandsun : Hargeisa Group Hospital –HGH is set for new managerial directions as incoming director Dr Ahmed Askar assumes from his fired predecessor Dr Yasin Arab.

The handover at the Hargeisa Group Hospital which is the main Somaliland public health facility was officiated by the ministry of health director general Dr Mohamed Abdi Hergeeye at its compound in the capital city.

In his handover address the outgoing HGH director Dr Yasin Arab who was fired last week by president Muse Bihi Abdi did not mince words as he revealed on the deplorable status of the country’s main hospital occasioned by non-existent policies.

Said he, “For the 13 months I have been at the HGH nothing tangible has been achieved due to lack of policies” adding that this led to lack of directions at the hospital which detriments development

According to Dr Arab all his development proposals are yet to be implemented because there are no administrative polices that give guidance on who is responsible for what with the director’s authority extending as far as powers to fire staff members at the health facility even devoid of human resource polices.

“This anomaly was made known to my senior from the day I assumed office and nothing has been done apart from promise made by president Bihi yet to fulfilled” Said the medic adding that unless something is done and done urgently citizens are not assured of basic services upon referral from other institutions nationwide.

Touching on the Corona virus pandemic that is defeating established global standard health institutions managed by major powers the outgoing administrator wondered how the HGH will fare if, Allah forbid, if our country records high infection numbers

The main problem apart from the missing operational policies is the tendencies by government officials of always want more for the HGH while failing to put what is available to good and beneficial use, as he stressed to his replacement the imperatives of utilizing resources properly as opposed to stretching hands for more from outside sources.

In conclusion the former Hargeisa Group hospital Director Dr Yasin Arab congratulated his replacement while urging him to work diligently for the good of the country’s health in spite of never ending interferences from ABOVE