Kuwait, Qatar: Guessing Game of Who will Sign Deal with Israel Continues

Guessing game of who will sign deal with Israel continues

Somalilandsun: After the signing of the Abraham Accords last week, there was widespread speculation that as many as five more countries could be in line for deals with Israel that would be pushed and brokered by the US President Donald Trump’s administration.

As the Rosh Hashanah holiday weekend began, observers pored over a list of likely candidates as each rumor of talks with the Trump administration fueled more speculation.

The latest details pointed to Kuwait, according to posts on social media and Arabic news outlets. The country, at the top end of the Gulf, is of great strategic and military importance to the US. It was at the center of global attention in the late 1980s, but after the 1990 invasion by Saddam Hussein was ended, the country preferred to adopt a lower profile. Continue reading