Khatumo Secession Campaign to Cost MP Galayd Seat in Mogadishu Parliament


For reasons of prolonged absence without official leave of over hundred days the MP has utilized amassing and arming clan militias in parts of Sool region in Somaliland.

The Speaker of the Somalia parliament Prof Jawari ponders  removing Galayd from list of house members

By: Yusuf M Hasan
TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – The tenure of Ali Khalif Galayd as member of the Somalia parliament is in peril of coming to an end as a result of prolonged absence from house secessions.
According to reports from sources within the Mogadishu based parliament, the house speaker Prof Mohamed Sh Osman Jawari has written to Galayd warning of legal implications of his absence from house business without official leave.
As early as April this year Ali Khalif Galayd the Somaliland born Somalia MP has been in parts of the country’s Sool region campaign for the ill-fated Khatumo III conference- KIII that was meant to establish a government for a Khatumo state with headquarters in Taleeh district.
Prior to his eviction from Taleeh together with his Khatumo secessionists’ cronies by the Somaliland Army recently MP Galayd had traversed Taleeh and later Buhodle districts, not only drumming up support for the Ill-fated KIII but soliciting and recruiting a militia for armed conflict in Somaliland.
Galayd who hails from the Sool region’s Dominant Dulbahante clan of Darood has also equipped youths from his clan with deadly firepower for use against the country’s central government.

Galayd a US citizen and Somalia MP has amassed millions in donations for his Khatumo secession cause
While the intent by Somalia Parliament Speaker Prof Jawari to defrock Ali Khalif as MP is long overdue it is also said to be a constitutional smokescreen fronted by the President Hasan led Somalia Federal Government-SFG whose objective is to reunite with Somaliland at any cost after 23 years of separation from union and the latter’s acquisition of self-rule as a distinct country in 1991.
Though President Hasan Sheikh and his SFG are engaged with internationally backed political dialogue with Somaliland facilitated by the Turkish government where several talks have resulted in agreements chief being “Respect of the Territorial boundaries of each of the two neighbouring countries” the AMISOM propped president is a weapons supplier to the MP Galayd led Khatumo Militia while publicly avowing to fulfill his main SFG presidential objective, “The Reunification of Somalia and Somaliland”
Meanwhile the military might utilized by the Somaliland government against insecurity in Sool region played a part in diffusing the Galayd led Khatumo insurgency in Sool region, the fallout with Puntland following a brutal massacre of Taleeh residents by the then president Farole under troops commanded by his deputy Abdisamad Ali Shire in November 2013 is also responsible.
Puntland, the Somalia administrative region bordering Somaliland in the east has been the SFG conduit for weaponry and funds donated by the SFG towards upkeep of Khatumo secessionists thus foment insecurity in order to discredit the republic Somaliland from its internationally acclaimed repute as a successful model and haven of peaceful co-existence and national security in the Horn of Africa, one of the globe’s most turbulent regions.
On the other hand remnants of the now fragmented Khatumo secession movement in Taleeh district reeling from isolation by Puntland and the quandary of its top Honcho Ali Khalif Galayd losing his perch as an MP in Somalia are in flight and scouring for sanctuary from the pursuing Somaliland army.
The flight of the Galayd led team of unionists that includes the Khatumo stateless president INDOSHEEL has reportedly placed them in Sahhdheer near the Somaliland border with Ethiopia where the national Army that chased them out of Taleeh has surrounded them.
The new found ease of the army to secure formerly Khatumo militia controlled areas in Sool and pursue the secessionists is as a result of massive defections by large numbers of the clan militias that have vowed allegiance to Somaliland, with the army and central government delegating them law enforcement duties in secured areas.

Indosheel the president of mythical Khatumo escapes on foot after Somaliland army stops secessionist conference in Taleh
Ali Khalif Galayd who claims that his imminent defrocking from his current incumbency as an MP in Somalia is related to his quest for the office of speaker, an opportunity he lost, after his failed challenge of Prof Jawari also attributes the collapse of Khatumoism to the government of Somaliland which he, Galayd, incidentally helped build from scratch as an active participant representing his Dulbahante clan at the grand clan conferences held in Burao and Borame of 1991-93 that decided on the Somaliland withdrawal from the 1960 union with Somalia-Italia and subsequent declaration of its Sovereignty as a country.
Now the main headache of somalilanders as a prelude to accommodation is discerning the motives that drive Galayd a very educated and experienced public administrator towards destructive politics that ensue with deaths, injuries, displacement and poverty of his Dulbahante kinsmen and attendant alienation from national benefits assured every citizen by the constitution of Somaliland.
Ali Khalif Galayd who was born in Las Anod town of Sool region in 1941 and attended Sheikh intermediate and Secondary schools in Sahil region. Somalia prime minister of Somalia from October 8, 2000 to October 28, 2001, Prof Ali Khalif Galayd is a graduate of England’s Boston University and holds a PhD in Public administration from Sycruse University.
According to the Somaliland constitution any citizen who acts against the Sovereignty of the country is a traitor, thence the difficult to fathom the source of the carte blanche authority that MP Galayd utilizes to traverse the country at will, while fellow Somalilanders who owe allegiance to Somaliweyn (Greater Somalia) unionism tendencies are met with the full wrath of law whenever apprehended within the boundaries of Somaliland.