June 2009 Uprising in Iran


By: Hassan Fartousi

June 12, 2009 is marked as the presidential election in Iran and the nation unlike the previous elections, are determined to head down to the polling stations to vote for their favorite superman who can save Iran’s diseased economy and suffocated social and political situations. Now a few questions may come up. What difference does it make if X1 comes to power rather than X2, 3, and 4? What could X1 do exclusively that the rest could not? Don’t you think all four candidates are the same in ideology and row the same boat?

As a matter of fact, poor Iranians who have the Great Koroush as their ancestor, may prove naive (of course not all). They were offered four choices to make: a) a clergy karoubi, b) and c) old revolutionary guards, Mohsen Rezaei and Ahmadi Nejad, and d) Mir Hussein Mousavi who neither belongs to the revolutionary guard nor clerics –of course apparently. Since people are fed up with the class a, b, and c, they have a single choice: d. Choice d or Mir Hussein Mousavi served as prime minister in the era of Iran-Iraq war and under direct supreme leader’s mandates. It was during his term when youngsters were abused, harassed, or detained for wearing half-covered scarves, (short) jeans, colorful dress, shoes, sandals, socks and also for applying lipsticks, nail polish, etc. Plus, Mousavi was one of the closest to the supreme leader or the successor of the Imam Zaman. Oh, dear compatriots, you should forget not!

The motive that may take the Persians to streets in case of rigging, as they might suffer and gain not, will be the new thesis of the ex-president, Mohamad Khatami who sermonized ‘civilization dialogue’ in the universe. In his term period, people turned to courageous, persistent, and seemingly free heroes. Those who will demonstrate during June 2009, might think Ahmadi Nejad’s government too might be kind and civilized. When they dash into the streets of Tehran, they will be faced with batons, tear gas, threats, arrests, murder, and cruelty. Who do you think may order the crack-down on the street protesters (in case of any demonstration)? And who do you guess will pass the green signal to okay such confrontation? Don’t you agree that these people are Mir Hussein’s Mousavi old comrades?