It is Somaliland existence that is compromised in this election


Ibrahim MeadBy Dr. Ibrahim Mead

Written by Ahmed Cali Kildhi

Who can trust the NEC and the oligarchy government of Mr. Siilanyo with any election any more after this travesty!?

Somaliland is under attack by the actions of the Oligarchies who enjoys the resources and the power of the government and who don’t recognize the consequences of their evil acts!

Allah said in Al ixraaf, “…and do no mischief on the earth after it has been set in order, that will be best for you if ye have faith”

Somaliland people are saying to the Oligarchy government of Mr. Siilanyo, “please do not do mischief to Somaliland after blood and treasure and tears were shed for her independence, after it was built with sweat and the resources of the people if ye Oligarchies have faith in united, democratic and independent Somaliland.”

What the NEC and the government ministers who do the cabal job and not the nation’s job did to this election is a mischief of national proportion!

The strength of Somaliland lies in her unity and harmony. Her danger is in her discord and the later is where the oligarchies put her!!

(The word “oligarchy” is from the Greek word solígos, which means “few,” and archo, which means “to rule”. Oligarchies are a small group of people who together govern a nation or control an organization, often for their own purposes – a nation governed or controlled by an oligarchy) this is where Somaliland of thousands of martyrs ended up!!

It is no time to celebrate for this municipal election which ended not in disappointment and disgrace, but in death and tears! The consequences of this election fraud will haunt Somaliland for a long, long time. It already harmed her people and her cause. I am however calling every body particularly the gun touting, untrained police and those who are commanding them and those who are supervising the commanders to keep the peace! Moreover it is the President’s duty to solve the injustice, the looting, the raiding and the demagoguery his oligarchy administration dispensed all over with out thinking a bit of the consequences of these unpatriotic, undemocratic, unjust and immoral acts

What is happening in Somaliland is an idiot’s delight.

It is a concerned citizen’s nightmare.

It is a wise man’s worry.

I call all the parties with the exception of the twin demons of evil not to celebrate but to stand side by side with the other parts and their candidates which their votes has been robbed and let the NEC answer this rigging before the people and before Allah!

In the end the buck stops at the desk of Mr. Siilanyo, and not his cabals and tribal Ministers

Has Mr. Siilanyo succeeded orEmblem of the seven Parties contesting the 2012 local council elections in Somaliland  failed in this election effort?

The answer to this question depends on his objective regarding this endeavor.

a) If his target was to dim, diminish and eventually destroy the national cause consciously and knowingly which I don’t believe that was the case, then he succeeded!

b) If his objective was to organize a just and successful election, then he dismally failed!

What is President Siianyo’s policy or no policy regarding this wretched municipal election?

If it was to ‘deny others their rights to run for political office and deny other parties to run for this election because he does not like their base and the people leading the doomed parties and of all this wicked and unrighteous acts the country will be alright!’ I believe he is out of it, however if that was the case what was he thinking!?

Somaliland cause was compromised intentionally or unintentionally by the oligarchies

The electoral fraud all the parties are complaining of with the exception of the two beneficiary parties owned by the head of the government and the head of the parliament, by no means harms the Somaliland cause in a profound way, because integrity, trust and the unity of the people are shattered with out the oligarchies running Somaliland affairs consciously know or acknowledge this problem for they in their small mind don’t see it as a problem!!

When small minded people minds the nation’s store, fraud easily happens, discontent and distrust descends and finally disintegration of the unity of the people follows. In the end the national cause is harmed. The ignorantly arrogant oligarchies running Somaliland affairs these days don’t see it that way. To them it is business as usual! What a nut!

Small-minded people would be just small minded and so foolish as to refuse to change a customary practice of corruption, fraud and betrayal they peruse. We may not expect them change the way of looking at things, by simply insisting and arguing that “We have always done it this way, why change it!” even when what they have done was destructive, deceptive and corrupt, even when a change is more advantageous and warranted!

Small minded people running an entity show that they are happy by doing the same corrupt way over and over again without any regret. They even brag about their evil idiotic actions like this destructive election as the oligarchies do in Siilanyo’s administration

following (bad) policies without reasons and rationale is the thing which hampers small-minded people. The oligarchy running Siilany’s administration made their business to dismiss others who are more conscious and more rationale and more concerned of the fate of their country than they are! Doing fraud is justified by their intent to control Somaliland in their way! They may not see their way is destructive to the cause and the case of Somaliland! It is simply their way, why not!

On electoral fraud:

What is an election fraud?

It is defined as a misrepresentation or alteration of the true results of an election and that was what Muj. Mukhtar Hersi of Gabiley has articulated in Hargeisa TV

When does electoral fraud happen and under what circumstances do it often happens!?

It happens when small minded, do-first-and-think later people run the show, and this happens under a small group of people who control an administration of a government often of their own purpose. It happens when people don’t consider the consequences of fraud seriously and wisely like we saw it happened in Somaliland!!

“Clandestine and illegal efforts to shape election results, is also called electoral fraud. Observers and others working in the elections classify reports on electoral fraud to identify its nature, magnitude, and causes. This therefore looks at the larger number of historical works (as well as some ethnographies and surveys) that discuss ballot rigging.

First, fraud takes on panoply of forms; it ranges from procedural violations of electoral law to the outright rigging and use of violence against voters.

Second, even when ballot rigging is an integral part of electoral competition, it is infrequently decisive. Fraud, nevertheless, undermines political stability because, in close races, it can be crucial.

Third, political competition shapes the rhythm and nature of electoral fraud. Efforts to steal elections increase with inequality, which institutions help to shape—determine the ballot-rigging strategies


Siilanyo’s administration under the oligarchies seems that they are all out there to undermine the Somaliland cause and tear out of the minds of the people the very principle of justice, the unity of the communities, the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland, and to replace it with mistrust stemmed from the mismanaged and tainted elections with out recognizing it and with out knowing that their actions and reactions did just that evil act!

In order to give the nation no time to think and realize what is going on, their minds were diverted towards clannish arguments and vain talk relating to this rigged municipal election in every corner you may turn. Thus, all the people were swallowed up in the pursuit of poorly manage municipal elections where rigging was reported as wide spread in favour of the government party (kulmiye) and the Associate (Wadani) party. Others fall victims!

While deeply involved in this, the people will not take note of their (bottom line) cause which has been dimed and diminished and compromised. Their trust with each other has gone and the trust with the government of the Oligarch has gone long time ago too.

Most important of all, their unity and harmony as well as their focus on the real ball-which is the real cause has lost in this election predicament?


I am calling for the nullification of the election and termination of the NEC, due to the alleged bias towards the ruling party Kulmiye and its twin sister, Wadani which are owned by the government and the Speaker of the parliament respectively.

1- Dismiss the illegitimate, compromised, polarized and rigged so called elections

2- Disband the national elections commission who had a blood in their hands and who did a naughty and corrupt job. And don’t forget the so called party Registration commission you personal created for a purpose!

3- Change the tribal Ministers who divide communities in to the lowest levels and bet them with each other to justify the means.

4- Minimize (at least) the influence of those who almost destroyed SNM had we not intervened at the time. You know them and I and others know these guys who are very close to you now. They are as dangerous and disastrous as they were when they were in “Qaaxu”!

5- Abandon governing by bribing and compromising the justice often through your ministers as to achieve your end.

6- Reform and rebuild your failed administration if you want to leave Somaliland as it was when you they handed it to you, intact in other words

About the author

This author stood with who is right and with what is right, with justice and with peace and dignity and equality for all:

1-He stood with Mr. Siilanyo and his party who were calling for justice in GARADAG

2-He stood with the brothers in Erigavo in their just and peaceful convention in DALO

3-H is standing with all the robbed parties XAQSOOR is one of them

4- He is standing with all those brothers and sisters and students who came out to show their discontent of the rigged elections by way of peaceful demonstrations. Instead they received a deadly live-ammunition from the police under the supervision of the oligarchies of Mr. Siilanyo’s administration.

And we all have to stand with the people, with justice, with democracy, with the existence of Somaliland and with the bigger cause.

To achieve all these or some of these, Siilanyo’s Oligarchies ought to be confronted with wisdom and courage. We ought to intervene and call the attention of Mr. Siilanyo that Oligarchy system of government will not work here in Somaliland.

He must dismiss this joke called elections and immediately convene reconciliations with the nation, Thus peace.

Peace and prayers for Somaliland

Ibrahim Mead