ISCO Somaliland reiterates its call for elections in 2020

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Somaliland parliamentary elections that are never are

Somalilandsun: Independent Somaliland Civil Society Organizations Coalition (ISCO Somaliland) welcomes the approval of the two members of the National Electoral Commission. Today, the House of Representatives approved the two members nominated by the opposition parties. This completed the composition of the Commission.

ISCO Somaliland stresses the importance of holding elections in 2020.

The government of Somaliland has lifted all COVID-19 related restrictions starting from 30 June 2020. Cognizant that the virus has delayed the preparation process, we also inform the stakeholders that all efforts need to be resumed with effectiveness and speediness.

The Parliamentary and local councils’ elections have been overdue in a very long period. The public needs and have a right to vote.

Therefore, we call on the Parliament to enact the election laws.

We call on the government to present an action plan, work with all stakeholders and carry out its financial and administrative responsibilities concerning holding elections within 2020.


ISCO Secretariat

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