In Comparison to “can do” Somaliland, Somalia is a Scam

In Comparison to "can do" Somaliland, Somalia is a Scam

Somalilandsun: The two years extension the  President Farmajo adminstestion is a licence for Somalia to continue scamming the international community.

“And in comparison to ‘can do’ Somaliland looks better and Better”

This is according to Former US Deputy Secretary of State for Africa and US Ambassador to Guinea and Ethiopia Tibor Nagy

In a brief statement posted on his Twitter account,@TiborPNagyJr the diplomat wrote

Former US diplomats on the differences between Somaliland and Somalia

The reply is by another US diplomat with extensive experience in Africa Dr J. Phamm a former US special envoy to the Sahel region and Great lakes

This argument by the diplomat similarly to a recent one by former US secretary of state in charge of the Arican Desk Jandaya  Frazier in which she regretted her failure to push for US recogntion of Somaliland is a discernible push for a change of Somalia engagement strategy by the President Biden administration.

Similar sentiments on the imperatives of a new US strategy for Somalia vis “a” Somaliland have regularly been AIRED by Michael Rubin  a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)