How to fight terror, the Somaliland way


Somalilandsun- In Somaliland, where People feel sorry for Europeans, because they are alone in the world and have to drag themselves through life without present or past.
Because To be a clan member is to be able to recite one’s ancestors 20 or 30 generations back.
So terrorism wise A young man in Somalia is easy prey for al-Shabab. His social status is given an enormous boost if he joins the group. He will be given a cell phone, a monthly salary and a pick of beautiful women, who are coerced into marriage. If he says no, he will have to pay a tax or offer his services for free. And if he says no again, he is killed.

But I. Somaliland, a young man who is found out to have any connection to al-Shabab will have to run away and remain a fugitive all his life. His clan will make sure of that, because the association will be a stain on the honor of the whole clan.

This is summation of the reasons enabling Somaliland an unrecognized and improvised ability to maintain and substant peace in a a regional sea of violence, made by Bruno Maçães, a former Europe minister for Portugal and a senior adviser at Flint Global in London in a piece titled How to fight terror, the Somaliland way