How Egypt is Gradually Losing its Grip over Nile Waters


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Somaliland sun- For millennia, the Nile River has served as the backbone of Egypt, the lifeblood of its people. Gradually, though, the land of the pharaohs is losing its grip.
According to Julian Hattem, a journalist based in Kampala, Uganda downstream Nile Basin countries, especially Ethiopia and Sudan, are gradually seizing the initiative from Egypt when it comes to use of Nile waters.
In the contentious Egypt and Nile Water issues, the land of the pharaohs is losing its grip because of failure to join The upstream countries with a population likely to jump to nearly 1 billion by 2050 thence “can’t wait forever for Egypt to get onboard the Nile Basin argues Hattem in an article titled “How Egypt Is Slowly Losing Its Hold Over the Nile River”