Honour the Special Women in Your Life Today


Mother’s Day in 2013 is on Sunday, the 12th of May.

Dear Reader,

Somalilandsun – The list of important women in your life is endless: the babysitter who you can always call last minute; the aunt who has been just like a mother; the best friend who, not only knows you, but has your best interests at heart. These women along with moms, sisters, and grandmothers define the strength and the resilience that inspire us every day.

They are probably a lot like Khatidja, a mother of seven in Ethiopia. She works hard with her husband to make a living for their family on their small farm. And like all watchful mothers, she knew something was wrong with her youngest son. He had become listless, weak and malnourished. Not wasting a moment, Khatidja brought him to International Medical Corps’ health center.

Together with the health worker assigned to her by the organization, Khatidja nursed her baby back to health. Not only did she get the ready-to-eat meals needed to restore his health and strength but her health worker taught her how to change the entire family’s diet so that none of her children would ever suffer from life-threatening malnourishment.

With her six other children gathered around her on the family’s farm, Khatidja lifted her baby, now active and full of life, to look into his eyes and said, “He’s so much healthier now. Now he plays with his brothers and sisters. He didn’t do that before. And that makes me really happy.”

And, Reader isn’t that what every mom wants for her family?

This Mother’s Day, honour the special women in your life by making a gift in their honor to International Medical Corps. Right away we will put your gift to work saving the lives of families overcoming conflict, poverty, and disease. In turn, the special women in your life receive a Mother’s Day card letting them know that they inspired you to help others.

We’ve reached so many women and their families this year. But there are many women just like Khatidja who still need our help. We can’t do that without your help.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Rebecca Milner

Vice President, Institutional Advancement

P.S. Don’t wait to honour the special women in your life . Guarantee that their card will reach them by Mother’s Day by placing your order today.