Government Castigates Somalia for Alleged Planned Election of MPs Representing Somaliland in Mogadishu

president Muse Bihi chairs the 59th session of the Somaliland council of ministers via video conference

Somalilandsun: Somalia has been waging war against Somaliland’s sovereignty, but today it is even worse, when the federal government makes alludes that Somaliland is part of its selection of MPs .
This was unanimously agreed by the Somaliland council of ministers during its 65th session held virtually and chaired by President Muse Bihi Abdi .
It is contempt to this nation for any citizen accepting nomination to the Somalia parliament in Mogadishu as well as a disgrace to this country” said the council of minister.
Adding that Somaliland is a sovereign nation thus devoid of any association with elections or other internal affairs of neighbouring Somalia , the ministers urged caution from Mogadishu as continued acts of disturbing peace might lead to insecurity in the entire region.

In it’s statement the council of ministers warned that “any citizen of Somaliland who participates in the fraudulent representation in Mogadishu, shall have violated the decision of the two houses, violated the laws and regulations of the country, and will be punished accordingly.

After deliberating on the Somalia elections quagmire the council was briefed by the Minister of Interior on prevalent security situation in the country, termed Apt.
The council then held a long discussion and analysis of adjustments and additions to the code of traffic in which they debated clause by clause the current law and essential ammendments. The council also discussed the problems and accidents faced by the people and the country by the inconsistent traffic and the increasing number of vehicles and traffic jams in the country, and the council will issue a decision in the next session. to restrict such traffic and to align traffic lanes with roads.


Mohamud Warsame Jama

Spokesperson of the President of the Republic of Somaliland.

Somaliland presidency PRESS RELEASE : 08 / 10 /2 020