Somaliland: Asli Maydi, Chinese Investors and The Politics of Frankincense


Despite legal contract Chinese firm BHP denied access to Cal-Madow Frankincense producers

Asli Maydi export contract with Chinese firm BHP puts Somaliland frankincense in Peril

Somalilandsun-Last week the Beijing Huamiao Pharmaceuticals (BHP) company  tried to visit Cal=Madaw frankincense site to invest harvesters and conduct environment research. But the communityboycott the Chinese to visit the Cal-Madaw. Although the AsliMaydi Company Chairman, Mr Barkhad Hassan with the chairman of Somaliland National Frankincense AssociationWere led the Chinese BHP delegates. They were informed the chief elders that the BHP Companywere committed to investment communityprojects includes, Boarding Schools, Hospital, 20 warehouses to store frankincense and Myrrh, build 43 Km road from Erigavo to Cal-Madaw, fuel station, PermacultureArchaeo-tourism, and rare earth elements investment, as well as grantfor job creation, throughthe leverageAsliMaydiCompany and Trisom Foundation.andthey have signed Memorandaand other lucrative projects.

But, Eng Soran Ali Warsame. Who is Somaliland U.S citizen were boycott to let Chinese deals with Cal-Madaw, and said we have already fed up with Chinese poor products, andthey are not good for environment.Moreoverharvesters decides that they are now willing and do sell to U.S Companies who offers them the best price. They indicated they do not force to sellChinese BHP or represented middlemen. A fact that creates hostility, isolation against Cal-Madaw community backing by the government and frankincense companies exporters in Somaliland. This is substantiated by the ability of an US based company, Boswellness, which has no kin ties to the harvesters interesting to buy directly from them.

Cal-madawfrankincense harvesters are lacking basic fair trade.While Cal-Madawcommunities facing food insecurity, lack of access clean water, lack of access medical and educationEven though, Frankincense is the second largest export in Somaliland, after livestock. Thousands of people and dozens of communities directly rely on the frankincense trade, which generates in excess of $50 million per year. Both demand and resin prices have steadily risen exponentially since 2014, as more and more international buyers seek to add the resin or oil to their  have been disturbed and interrupted by the three Somaliland Frankincense Export Ltd. alsohijacks aid anddevelopment projects intended to help Cal-Madaw frankincense community by international organizations.

The frankincense companies create problems of “domestic terrorism” is examined along with an assessment of the government’s difficulty in addressing it. Domestic terrorists–people who commit crimes within the homeland and draw inspiration from Somaliland.-based businesses funds  terrorists movements–have not received as much attention from law enforcement as their violent jihadist counterparts,

However, Frankincense Fair Trade standards have never been met by middle men.  In a study of Somaliland Frankincense producers (harvesters) in Somaliland, We found zero Fair Trade policy rules and regulations. Absence of Fair Trade frankincense most harvesters are exchange food for frankincense,receive lowest prices, and lack of work standards,frankincense women sorter get $2 each per day in, and absence of environmentally friendly methods.

International Frankincense Fair Trade certification would be recommended to have such unrecognized countries like Somaliland. InvolvedUN Environmental agencies and UNESCO to have check and balance such endangered environment.  So as to, benefit Somaliland frankincense harvesters Communities. UNESCO International Fair Trade certification is needed.

 See  Copy of frankincense export Contract between Ali Maydi company and CHINA BEIJING HUAMIAO PHARMACEUTICALS (BHP) below 

Frankincense harvesters in Sanaag region of Somaliland victims of unscrupulous traders  International outlined common standards used by Fair Trade organizations for Fair Trade certification: of harvesters have food security, water, health clinics and schools

• consumers countries companies brought directly from harvesters
• Guaranteed minimum (floor) prices to producers; fair wages to laborers, social development premium
• Advance credit or payment to producers
• Democratically run producer cooperatives or workplaces
• Long-term contracts and trading relationships
• Environmentally sustainable production practices
• Public accountability and financial transparency
• Financial and technical assistance to producers
• Safe, no exploitive working conditions 

We also condemned Somaliland Frankincense middle menconflict of interests specially,Ismail Import, Som Gum and AsliMaydi Company are threat to Erigavo security and Environment. Marginalized and exploited Somaliland frankincense harvesters are demanding from the international companies, environmental activities to completely review international fair trade certification from source(harvesters) to destination.(end consumer)

Furthermore, creating Somaliland national frankincense association, intended policies are confiscatingharvester’s basic rights?While nominated chairman and vice chairman are incompetent, even can’tspell basic terminology of Bosiwelia.

Reasonably believe to be a “questionable by covering the trade intermediary between Somaliland Frankincense Exports and Al-ShababGalgala Frankincense. We have also confirms that the vice chairman of Somaliland Frankincense association were familiar frankincense trade facilitator b/w the Al-shababGalgala frankincense beneficiary and Somaliland Frankincense exporters. Activities that is inconsistent with global commons, anti terror lawspolicy, or any other “highly sensitive matter” that would “call into question trading with terrorists and money laundry activities.”

Investigative Journalist Ahmed Ali AbdiWe don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the Somaliland and Galgala frankincense middle men were masterminded to create and sponsors unknown army called Guardian (gaadh-Haye) led by Col. MaxamedJamaIndho-yare. Whose take orders neither Somaliland nor Puntland. In order toprotect the Galgalafrankincense not mainly exports in the Puntland, prevent any international buyer try directly brought from harvesters. That is based on mutual benefit and mutual respect of the far, blood money from the Frankincense remains dual use. While Somaliland frankincense harvesters lack the basic right of fair trade.

Politicized Aid and Development by the International Nongovernment Organizations and Local Nongovernment Organizations animosity against Cal-Madaw Communities harvesters to have any kind of aid and development since 1980 and so far, is too far exceptional to be ignored.

Cal-Madaw harvesters accused wealthy frankincense exporters divert s aid and investments to Al-shababGalgala frankincense. A fact discovered more secrets than answers. New information surfaces about fund source of Al-shababGalgala, raising international security concerns. We discover shocking information alarming threat to the Puntland homeland security. Such investigation takes an unexpected turn, and much more than we ever could have imagined.

Science and Security issues related to frankincense is dual use of biological and chemical technology. The Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security (IEDS) is a transdisciplinary research canter dedicated to both the study and practice of techniques that resolve environmental conflicts, and to using ecological processes as tools of positive and negative. The frankincense chemical compositions have more than 330 chemical elements. And might also called, improvised Explosive Devices (IEDS)

Therefore, Horn Africa stands at critical moment with several complex issues related to science and security.

Dr. Saleem H. Ali is Director and Professor at the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland, and Australia.

Dr. AnjanetteDeCarlo is Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at St. Michael’s College, Vermont. Her focus is on environment,

Disclaimer: This case has been prepared as the basis for discussion and collective learning rather than to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of an administrative situation.

The author Ahmed Ali Abdi is an Investigative Journalist from Sanaag region currently based in Hargeisa Somaliland

Copy of frankincense export Contract between Ali Maydi company and CHINA BEIJING HUAMIAO PHARMACEUTICALS BHP


Somaliland: U.S Citizen’s Conspiracy puts Frankincense in Peril