Fertile Mobile Landscape within Africa’s Dynamic Community-Council Africa Report

Africa's fertile mobile landscape

Somalilandsun : Known as a land rich in minerals, the African continent has a new source of economic growth and wealth to mine: mobile customer data, reveals a Council Africa report on Mobile Ingenuity in Africa’s Dynamic Community

The report shows that Mobile wireless network operators (MNOs) have a big opportunity to unearth device user insights and deliver innovative data services that can advance socio-economic value, democratic participation, and entrepreneurial vitality among a vast population of one billion consumers in the region.

For telcos, whose current revenue streams are drying up in light of disruptive over-the-top services, the ability to offer new, life-enhancing data services will seem like an oasis in the arid sub-Saharan desert. Over half of telco marketing executives in Africa believe that real-time customer and operational data are essential to boosting performance through personalisation.

This is a key finding in the report entitled “Exploring Mobile Ingenuity in Africa’s Dynamic Community.”

The report further provides context on the mobile services landscape in Africa, the unique challenges facing the region, and the opportunities mobile network operators (MNOs) have to transform data into lucrative revenue streams that also deliver socio-economic value to their subscribers and the region as a whole.

The report is based on a CMO Council survey of marketing leaders at communication service providers, mobile network operators and digital media companies in Africa, as well as from in-depth interviews with executives from MTN, TelkomSA, Vodafone, Cell C, Accenture and AT Kearney.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council Africa released a 60-page report on Mobile Ingenuity in Africa’s Dynamic Community.

Download the report entitled ”Exploring Mobile Ingenuity in Africa’s Dynamic Community.” (PDF: 23.6MB)