EU Project to Address Root Cause of Irregular Migration and Reintegrate Somalis Launched in Mogadishu


The dynamics of the population movement can be best described as mixed migration flow-EU press statement
EU Funded Somalia Reintegration Project worth 33m Launched in Mogadishu

Somalilandsun-Somalia has experienced one of the world’s largest displacement crises with almost one million registered refugees in the Horn of Africa/Yemen region and around 1.1 million internally displaced.

In order to address the root cause of this malady and facilitate internal stability within all Somali regions the European Union has launched a project reintegration project worth €33 million to be implemented across the country.
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to Somalia’s transition out of fragility by strengthening stability and security and by creating a favourable environment for the economic and social development that enhances the absorption capacities of areas of return of displaced population and improves livelihood conditions in areas of return as well as departure.
While the specific objective of the project is to support a sustainable and durable reintegration of refugees, returnees from Yemen, Kenya, Europe and other areas of departure and IDPs in Somalia, and to anchor populations within Somalia.
Based on a comprehensive approach that aims to provide support to the management of the incoming inflow of refugees and returnees, build national capacities and improve the legal and institutional framework and finally, contribute to create a conducive environment for anchoring the population the project’s expected results include
Result 1: Closing gaps in the management of refugee and returnees
Result 2: Enhancing the rule of law by improving and implementing policies and legal framework for IDPs, refugees and returnees and strengthened cross-border cooperation towards migration and enhanced security and
Result 3: Increased access to basic services and creation of realistic livelihood opportunities in the main accessible areas of return and departure.
During the launch in Mogadishu-Somalia it was revealed that the reintegration project shall be implemented across Somalia .

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