Ethiopian Economy Feels the Pinch after Somaliland Bans Khat Imports

huge quantities of khat burned in somaliland

Somalilandsun; Cessation of the multimillion Khat trade between Ethiopia and Somaliland is affecting the two countries in different ways.

In Somaliland where the government suspended Khat imports as a Covid 19 preventive measure, police nationwide have been forced into extra vigilance as unscrupulous traders bring the herbal stimulant illegally.

This has resulted in a number of people arraigned in court, numerous vehicles confiscated by the state and large quantities of illegally imported Khat burned all over the country.

In Ethiopia the pinch is mostly being felt in the Oromoia administrative zone which is main planter and distributor of the stimulant plant both locally and exports especially to Somaliland.

Since the one ban on imports to Somaliland took effect a week ago money circulation within the Oromoia zone is said to be almost zero prompting leaders to pursue joint efforts with their Somali administrative counterparts in Jigjiga.


According to Geeska Afrika sources leaders within the two communities whose economy mostly relies on the Khat trade are holding consultative meetings dubbed ‘Abagaadhaha’

“The main objective of Abagaadhaha is to come up with strategies to entice both the federal government of Ethiopia and that of Somaliland towards revoking the ban” our source revealed

The oromia community is also reported to be separately pursuing avenues of meeting with the countries federal authorities in a bid to resolve the issue which if continues their entire zone’s economy will break down

Similarly just like the oromia and Somali regional administration’s economies  are under strain since the Khat trade suspension is does that of the federal state in Ethiopia and in Somaliland as well  thence a solution is imminent mostly the ban revocation.